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Kyle Chrisley Baby Mama Angela Victoria Johnson, Daughter Chloe Chrisley.

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Image of Kyle Chrisley Baby Mama Angelia Victoria Johnson Daughter Chloe Chrisley.

Originally posted on May 15, 2020 @ 5:11 pm

Angela Victoria Johnson is Kyle Chrisley’s baby mama. Kyle Chrisley is a 32-year old television personality from South Carolina. He is the son of Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Like the rest of his siblings, Kyle also appears on the reality show, ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ His personality has made him a fan favourite on the show. As the oldest son, he usually draws his fair share of comparisons to his father.

When he was young, Kyle’s parents sent her to Samoa to train with the Red Cross. Let’s take a look at his daughter and his baby mama, Angela Victoria Johnson.

Who is Angela Victoria Johnson?

Angela Victoria Johnson is a nurse and the former girlfriend of Kyle Chrisley. She was born on the 28th of August 1991 in Iva, South Carolina. Angela is 32 years old as of 2023.

In regards to her ethnicity, we found that she is an African-American woman. Discipline is one of the defining traits of a Virgo.

Being a nurse requires an abundance of this trait. Details about the early stages of Angela’s relationship with Kyle were hard to come by. All we could learn was that the two had been dating for quite a while and even moved in together.

Image of Nurse, Angelia Victoria Johnson

Caption: Nurse, Angela Victoria Johnson

Her life, unfortunately, has been marred with a lot of drama. Angela’s relationship with Kyle proved rocky right from the onset! Kyle is not only bipolar but is also a drug addict.

These were the problems Angela had to deal with while they were dating. After an alleged case of domestic violence, Angela and her daughter left Kyle.

In an interview, she revealed that he choked her while she was pregnant. It gets worse. She says that he even held a knife to her at one point while she was holding their daughter.

Kyle’s parents put him in rehab and later sent him to do charity work in Asia.

Her trouble with the law and arrest.

On October 7th, 2013, Kyle Chrisley’s baby mama, Angela Victoria Johnson, was served with a suit. It came because she had not allowed the Chrisleys to see Chloe.

Once the suit was settled, she had to share custody of her daughter with Kyle. For the visitation rights he had gained, Chrisley also had to pay child support. However, after he was arrested again, his parents became Chloe’s partial guardians.

Things got worse for Angela by 2016 as she was charged with defrauding Medicaid and food stamps in South Carolina. The incident took place in Anderson County. Johnson falsified an application for goods and service assistance in an attempt to claim Chloe as a dependant.

The incident meant that Todd Chrisley, Kyle’s father, was granted full custody of his granddaughter.

A look at Angela Johnson’s social media.

Angela was reasonably active on Twitter before she faced criminal charges for trying to defraud the state. She hasn’t posted anything on Twitter since 2016. Before the allegations came to light, she regularly posted pictures of her daughter, Chloe.

By all accounts, Johnson was a good mother. On March 5, 2016, she posted a cute picture of her and Chloe both wearing shades. Even her bio description is a testament to how much she loves her daughter. It reads, ‘I have a beautiful baby girl who I will do anything for and love dearly!!’

Angela Victoria Johnson’s wiki-bio.

Full name Angela Victoria Johnson
Age 32 years old
Date of Birth August 28th, 1991.
Place of Birth Iva, South Carolina, USA.
Profession Nurse
Net worth Under review
Partner Kyle Chrisley (ex-boyfriend)
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Under review

Chloe Chrisley.

She is the daughter of Angela Victoria Johnson and Kyle Chrisley. Where to buy Stromectol Chloe was born on November 10, 2012, in South Carolina.

Despite being so young, the 10-year-old girl is already a television star. She appears alongside the rest of her family on the reality show, ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ Chloe’s legal guardians are her grandparents, Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Image of Chloe Chrisley parents Angelia Johnson (mother) and Kyle Chrisley (father)

Caption: Chloe Chrisley parents Angela Johnson (mother) and Kyle Chrisley (father)

Ever since she was born, the issue of her parentage has been the subject of several debates. For example, her mother was sued for joint custody when she was barely a year old!

Her father, Kyle, lost this privilege after he broke the law. The same thing happened to her mother several years later.

Unlike her mother, who admitted her misgivings, Chloe Chrisley’s father did not go quietly.

Image of Chloe Chrisley with her mother Angelia Johnson

Caption: Chloe Chrisley with her mother, Angela Johnson

Kyle has lambasted his father Todd on multiple occasions, claiming that he was only interested in his daughter because she was mixed race.

The allegations he made were serious and disturbing, suggesting that Chloe was only brought on to bolster ratings and appeal to a broader demographic. Todd vehemently disputed these allegations, however, and said that he was only doing what was in Chloe’s best interests.

After the shenanigans her parents have gotten up to over the years, we can see why the court opted to transfer full custody to Chloe’s grandparents. Despite earning the moniker of ‘strictest father on television,’ Todd frequently gushes about his adorable granddaughter.

Kyle Chrisley’s daughter, Chloe Chrisley has also appeared on a few episodes of her family’s reality show, Chrisley Knows Best.’ She was barely a year old when she first popped on to our screens!

Where are Chloe Chrisley’s Biological Parents?

Unfortunately, both of Chloe’s parents have had their fair share of problems with the law. As early as last year, Kyle was arrested after police found methamphetamine in a hidden compartment. There was also an open warrant for him after he had threatened his estranged wife, Alexus Chrisley. Her mother fell entirely off the grid after her arraignment four years ago.

Chloe Chrisley’s Wiki-bio.

Full name Chloe Chrisley.
Age 10 years old
Date of Birth 10th November 2012
Place of Birth South Carolina, USA.
Profession Celebrity Child.
Net worth Under review
Partner N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed-race
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Parents Kyle Chrisley and Angela Victoria Johnson (biological parents)

Todd and Julie Chrisley (Legal Guardians)

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