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Jodi Faeth [Mike Wolfe’s Wife] Cancer, Daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe and Biography.

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Image of Jodi Faeth: Everything about Mike Wolfe's Wife and kids

Originally posted on February 20, 2020 @ 12:39 pm

Jodi Faeth, the wife of Mike Wolfe, lives a secretive life and shuts herself out from the media. Being a popular celebrity wife, she prefers not to disclose much about her personal life. As per the sources and Mike Wolfe’s statements, Jodi is a very supportive housewife and takes the best possible care of her husband and children. There are several highlighting news that puts light on some of the information on Jodi Faeth. Follow this article completely to know all the available details on Mike Wolfe’s wife, Jodi Faeth.

Net Worth of Jodi Faeth.

Jodi Faeth is most popularly known to the media by the name of Mike Wolfe’s wife. She is part of the entertainment industry. But there is no definite evidence to prove it legit. Moreover, she has a net worth of $100 thousand from her miscellaneous professions. As per the sources, she is also the social media manager for Mike Wolfe, her husband.

Date of Birth, Age of Jodi Faeth

There is no accurate information on the exact date of birth of Jodi Faeth, but as per sources, she was born in the year 1972. Referring to that, her age is approximately 47 years. She was born in the United States of America.

Marriage Life of Jodi Faeth as Mike Wolfe’s Wife.

Jodi Faeth earned name globally and became famous after marrying the popular actor, producer, writer, and antique collector, Mike Wolfe. Jodi Faeth met Mike back in the year 1994. They were in a relationship for quite a long time for over 18 years and tied the knots on September 8th, 2012.

The wedding ceremony was very private, and only the close friends and family members were part of it. The couple spent their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. They are presently residing in Le Claire, Lowa.

Image of Caption: Jodi Faeth with her husband Mike Wolfe

Caption: Jodi Faeth with her husband Mike Wolfe

House of Jodi Faeth.

Jodi Faeth lives with her husband in Le Claire, Iowa. They have a house with a courtyard along with two-car garages. They bought the house for $175,000. The garage consists of over 40 motorcycles as Mike’s collection. The home also has a telephone booth. Moreover, Mike and Jodi, along with their kids, are living in a house of 5,100 square feet and the land is of 32-acres.

Image of Caption: Jodi and her husband Mike house

Caption: Jodi and her husband Mike house

Mike Wolfe and Wife Jodi Faeth have a Daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe.

Jodi Faeth and Mike Wolfe have a daughter named Charlie Faeth Wolfe. Charlie was born before her parents got married on 30th January 2012 and is presently eight years old.

The baby girl witnessed the marriage of her parents. Unfortunately, Charlie took birth with a cleft lip for which she had to go for multiple surgeries to get it correct. According to the sources, Charlie Faeth Wolfe had to go for two facial surgeries to fix the cleft lip.

Jodi and Mike spent entire days and nights sleeping on the hospital bench. As of today, Charlie Faeth Wolfe is completely fine and has no other health issues reported so far.

Image of Caption: Jodi Faeth with her daughter Charlie Faeth

Caption: Jodi Faeth with her daughter Charlie Faeth

Jodi Faeth has a Son Kyle from Her Previous Marriage.

Mike Wolfe and Jodi Faeth have only one biological daughter. But as per the sources, they also have another boy child in the family named Kyle.

Kyle is believed to be the son of Jodi Faeth with her past relationship. As in today, Kyle’s age is 24 years more than his baby sister. Jodi Faeth was pregnant for the first time at the age of 24 and got pregnant for the second time at the age of 41.

There was a big gap that could have raised problems in her conceiving.  But she ended up with a healthy pregnancy.

Mike Wolfe Wife Cancer Treatment.

Jodi Faeth has a history of battling with cancer. As in 2013, Jodi Faeth got a confirmed report on suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is a severe form of cancer that transmits using the lymph system of the body.

It harms the white blood cells and deteriorates the body’s condition. Jodi was in the second stage of this cancer while it was diagnosed, and there was still time to save her. She had to undergo several surgeries and fought bravely with cancer. There was a complete recovery in the health of Jodi Faeth, and she is living a healthy life with her family.

Initially, it was challenging for both Jodi Faeth as well as Mike Wolfe to believe about the cancer news. It is so because Jodi was completely vegetarian and had no bad habits. She also never consumed carcinogenic substances and was into exercise routines. But unfortunately, it was a bad phase, and it eventually passed. Now Mike Wolfe wife is cancer free.

Jodi Faeth body measurements, Ethnicity, Religion.

Jodi Faeth has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches that complements perfectly to her husband’s height of 6 feet. She has green eyes and brown hair that complement her looks.

Jodi weighs 58 kg. She has a chest size of 24 inches and a hip size of 34 inches. She wears a bra of size 32B. Jodi Faeth is an American and is of Christianity religion. She is of white American ethnicity.

Image of Caption: Jodi Faeth height is 5 feet 5 inches

Caption: Jodi Faeth height is 5 feet 5 inches

Social Media Life of Jodi Faeth.

Jodi Faeth is currently not active on any of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. She prefers keeping her profile low on social media. There is no evident reason for that, but she is seen in some of the older social media posts of Mike Wolfe.

As per the sources, Jodi Faeth is not fond of attracting attention from social media. But she is seen accompanying her husband in most of the events and occasions. Though she is out of social media, the couple has many pictures with one another over the Internet.

There are few accounts of her name over the social media platforms, but they are all managed by the fans of Mike Wolfe and American Pickers.

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