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Who is Tucker Carlson Wife Susan Andrews?

Image of Who is Tucker Carlson Wife Susan Andrews

Tucker Carlson is a man who doesn’t bow down to the patriarchal pressures that limit most people. Over thirty years ago, he saw the girl he wanted to marry and approached her despite all odds stacked against him.

To this day, Susan Andrews remains Tucker Carlson’s wife. For Primetime television lovers, Tucker Carlson is a familiar face on CNN and MSNBC. However, Tucker Carlson’s wife isn’t. As a result, we took the mandate to shed some light on Susan Andrews’ net worth, age, wiki-bio, and other facts.

Who is Susan Andrews?

Susan Andrews had no idea that her life would be put under a microscope when she began dating her then-boyfriend, Tucker Carlson. Since then, her life has mostly been defined by their marriage to one another.

She currently resides in the District Kent neighborhood in Washington D.C. but is originally from Rhode Island – more on that later.

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson’s marriage. How did they meet?

The CNN news correspondent always gushes whenever asked about the first time he laid eyes on his wife. To his recollection, he often describes her as the cutest 10th grader in the whole of America since they met in middle school.

The feeling was mutual when Andrews also fancied him after seeing him in his khaki pants held together with a ribbon belt.

Image of Susan Andrews with her husband Tucker Carlson
Caption: Susan Andrews with her husband, Tucker Carlson

It was a great love story waiting to happen at the St Georges School in Middletown, Rhode Island. However, the only problem was Susan Andrews strict religious background and parents. Her father was also the headmaster of the school, which made it even more challenging.

However, he stuck it out and dated her throughout his senior years at Trinity College. Six months to his graduation, he went old-school and asked her father, Reverend George E.

Andrews II, for her hand in marriage. In the year 1991, the couple officially became husband and wife through a union joined the high school sweethearts.

Carl Tucker and Wife Susan Andrews have four children.

After spending a few years together, the couple welcomed their firstborn daughter, Lillie, on November 22nd, 1994.

She would also welcome her younger brother, Buckley, born in the year 1977. Two years later saw the addition of two more girls named Dorothy and Hopie bringing the Carlson’s as a family of six.

Image of  Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson with their kids.
Caption: Susan Andrews and her husband, Tucker Carlson, with their kids.

The family lives in Washington in their farmhouse home, which was built in the 1900s. They also had another six-bedroomed home worth $2 million in Kentucky, which they sold for $4 million.

In other news, Andrews was once a victim of a home invasion by protestors who threatened Carlson’s family. Luckily for them, the kids were nowhere in the house as she hid inside their pantry and called 911.

Susan Andrews’ Net Worth.

It’s no secret that Carlson’s share every bit of their lives, including their net worth. Sources don’t usually report on Susan Andrews’ net worth, but they do have an inclination on what her husband makes.

Tucker Carlson’s net worth sums up to approximately $20 million after receiving an annual salary of over $6 million. Therefore, to some extent, this is also Susan Andrews’ net worth.

Image of Susan Andrew husband Tucker Carlson net worth
Caption: Susan Andrew husband Tucker Carlson net worth

But what exactly does she do with her time on earth? Aside from raising their four kids, some sources have pointed out that she has worked with FCPS and At Your Service Hospitality Management, LLC, in Laurel, Maryland.

At the same time, she is also a dignified board member at the St. Patrick School, where her father once served as headmaster.

Susan Andrews Age, Wiki.

NameSusan Andrews
Relationship statusMarried to Tucker Carlson
BirthdateSeptember 4, 1969

 Susan Andrews is aged 53. She was born in Rhode Island in the year 1969. Her birthday is September 4, 1969.

She attended the prestigious St. Georges boarding school, where her dad served as headmaster between 1984 and 1988. Rev. Andrews was later accused of not reporting a case of sexual assault involving one of the teachers at the school.

Nonetheless, he would then move to Boca Raton in Florida, where he retired as the headmaster for another school named St. Andrews. The old-timer now manages G.E. Andrews and Associates. In another related case of sexual assault, Susan Andrews also stuck by her husband’s side when he was also accused of sexual assault.

However, the woman in hauling the accusations, Kimberly Carter, had a rare schizoaffective disorder. She would later retract her charges and issue and issue an apology to the family. The news pundit took the moral high ground and refrained from suing her for tarnishing the Carlson name.

Social Media Activities.

You will hardly find Tucker Carlson’s wife Susan Andrews on social media since she lets her husband soak up all the glory. He is known as the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, and smugness, with over 3.1 million followers on Twitter.

Over on Instagram, he is not that active and only has one picture of his daughter Lillie when she was an infant.

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