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Susi Cahn: 11 Facts about Mario Batali’s Wife.

Originally posted on March 9, 2020 @ 10:42 pm

Susi Cahn is Mario Batali’s wife. Mario Batali is a renowned Seattle-born chef, businessman, restaurant, and author. For over a decade, he has been one of the faces of Iron Chef America. This comes as no surprise as he is versed in an array of conventional culinary skills and Italian Cuisine.

He also owns restaurants across states such as Boston, New Haven, Los Angeles, and California. The focus of this article is his wife, Susi Cahn. Like her husband, Susi comes from a family of established business people. Learn eleven interesting facts about Mario Batali’s wife, Susi Cahn.

Who is Susi Cahn?

Susi Cahn is famous for being the daughter of the founders of Coach Incorporation. Her parents started this family-based business 79 years ago. It produces luxury products such as handbags, jewellery, and men’s and women’s high-end clothing.

Susi is also the wife of a famous restaurateur, Mario Francesco Batali. He studied at Le Cordon Bleu, which was based in the UK.

He set up several eating establishments soon after. Susi Cahn was instrumental when it came to helping her husband run these restaurants. The couple’s impressive business savvy enabled them to acquire a staggering net worth.

Susi Cahn’s net worth.

Both Susi and her husband own a plethora of establishments across several continents. These include exotic travel destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore. As such, their net worth presently stands at $ 25 million.

Image of Caption: Susi and her husband Mario Batali net worth

Caption: Susi and her husband Mario Batali net worth

Susi Cahn’s Parents and Family.

Susi is the daughter of Lilian and Miles Cahn. Her mother came into this world on December 11, 1923, whereas her father was born on April 1, 1921. Both Susi Cahn’s parents were proficient designers and business people.

Their name is synonymous with the textile powerhouse Coach Leatherwear Co. After they sold their business to the Sara Lee Corporation, Miles and Lilian set up a Coach farm in New York back in the 80s. Their farm went on to rear domestic animals as well as produce cheese.

Susi Cahn’s parents are both deceased at the moment. Growing up, Susi had two siblings. These are David and Julie Cahn.

Susi Cahn’s Age, Date of Birth.

The businesswoman, Susi Cahn, is a relatively private individual. As a result, details regarding her date of birth remain scarce. However, judging by her husband’s age, we estimate Susi to be in her mid-50s. This would mean that she was born sometime around the mid-60s.

Susi Cahn hates cooking.

Despite the fact that her husband is a world-renowned chef and that she helped in the management of his restaurants, Susi Cahn is not a fan of the culinary arts. In an old interview, her husband revealed that he does all the cooking at home.

Susi’s sons followed in their father’s footsteps.

Susi Cahn’s kids, Leo and Benno Cahn, are culinary experts. The two went to cooking school and later took this knowledge and wrote a book. Their cookbook is titled, ‘The Batali Brother’s Cookbook.’ The pair also helped run the family’s acclaimed restaurant business.

Image of Caption: Susi with husband Mario and kids Leo and Benno Cahn

Caption: Susi with husband Mario and kids Leo and Benno Cahn

Susi Cahn as Mario Batali’s Wife.

Mario met his wife Susi back at a food event in 1992. At the time, Mario was venturing into the restaurant businessman. Susi, on the other hand, was heavily involved in her parent’s farm, which produced artisanal goat cheese.

After an awkward first encounter, the two went on to date. They tied the knot in 1994 while in the Caribbean. The ceremony was an intimate ceremony that took place on the beach. Interestingly enough, the two had another ceremony a few months later.

Image of Caption: Susi Cahn with her husband Mario Batali

Caption: Susi Cahn with her husband, Mario Batali

This was unique in its way in the sense that they gave their guests ice cream instead of cakes. So far, the couple has been married for about 29 years. They have two sons together presently. The first is their 27-year-old son, Benno; he has a younger brother, Leo, who is turning 24 years old as of 2023.

The family lives in Greenwich Village, which is located in Manhattan.  They also own another home in Grand Traverse Bay, which they use during the summer.

Mario Batali Wife Susi Cahn has the travel bug.

Mario Batali and her husband are globe trotters. A quick look at their social media platform will reveal that they have visited several beautiful places. These include great cities like Paris, Nicaragua, and even Rome.

Susi Cahn’s husband’s controversy.

Mario Batali came under fire back in 2017 when the MeToo movement was at its peak. According to reports, about a decade ago, he was involved in an incident with an aspiring female chef. She was excited at first, as he was one of her heroes.

But as they continued to talk, she realized that he had been drinking. As a result, he began to make inappropriate advances toward her. After an unfortunate accident involving a wine spill, Susi’s husband began rubbing the woman’s breasts.

Sadly, this was not the only time that Mario Batali would be accused of sexual harassment. Three other women who worked for him also came forward with different allegations. One of them claimed that he would regularly grab her from behind.

All these allegations forced him to step away from the active management of his companies. Susi Cahn’s husband came out and issued a formal apology. Throughout this fiasco, Susi stood by her husband’s side.

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