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Raquel Nurse (Donovan McNabb’s wife) Wiki-5 Facts.

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Image of Raquel Nurse (Donovan McNabb’s wife) and their children.

Raquel Nurse is the other half of Donovan McNabb, a former NFL quarterback. It has always been common to hear about players having various girlfriends or players who have been married a few times. It is not the case with Donovan McNabb.

The former quarterback Donovan McNabb has only been married once; to his beautiful amazing wife, Raquel. In this article, we are not going to be talking about the former NBA player’s wife. Read along to find out more about Mrs. McNabb’s life.

Who is Raquel Nurse? Her career info.

Raquel Nurse is an athlete like her husband. Well, former. There is not much information about Raquel. However, the former Syracuse Orange Point Guard mentioned that she attended the University of Syracuse.

She played basketball for the Syracuse Orange team. In 1997, she was named Most Valuable Player Athlete of the Year. The following year, the award-winning point guard graduated with a degree in Physical education.

Image of Athlete, Raquel Nurse
Caption: Athlete, Raquel Nurse

After her education, she worked at Villanova University as an assistant director. Raquel was amazing at her job.

She was so loving and caring when advising and giving support to the students at the university that she was even awarded.

The McNabb’s are very kind and generous, for they participated in many charity events. We have no information as to what they might be doing these days.

Raquel Nurse Net Worth.

There is no information disclosed as to what Raquel’s net worth is. However, we can assume that she shares her husband’s $35 million net worth. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘For better or for worse.’ Married couples tend to share everything 50-50 unless there is a prenuptial agreement in place.

Taking a look at Donovan’s net worth, we could say that they live in a good big house in a nice neighborhood. There was a rumor that the McNabb’s were planning to sell their 10,000 square feet mansion in Arizona for 2.5 million.

Marriage with Donovan McNabb.

You must be wondering how the lovely couple met and when they met. Donovan and wife Raquel nurse met when they were in University in 2003. They fell in love with each other. It was obvious that Donovan charmed her with his smooth moves in the field. The two were sweethearts since their time in college.

Donovan could not wait any longer and decided to pop the question. They finally got married on 21st June 2003 in Oak Valley, Illinois.

The newlywed couple decided to spend their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Currently, they have four beautiful children in their 20 years of marriage.

Image of Raquel Nurse with her husband Donovan McNabb
Caption: Raquel Nurse with her husband Donovan McNabb

Years back in an interview, when Donovan was still quarterback, he was accused by one of his teammates, Terell Owens, for cheating on his wife.

Well, he was actually accused of asking a female co-worker a vulgar, sexual question. That must have caused a bump in his married life, but the couple got through it, and their marriage still stands.


Donovan McNabb and wife Raquel Nurse has four children; Devin, Alexis, Sarah, and Donovan Jr. Their firstborn, Alexis McNabb, was born on 23rd September 2004, which makes her 18 years old.

Sarah and Donovan Jr were born on 2nd December 2008, which currently makes them 14 years old. Finally, Devin was born on 20th November 2009 and is 13 years old.

Image of Raquel Nurse with her husband Donovan along with their kids
Caption: Raquel Nurse with her husband Donovan along with their kids

Alexis took after her mother, for she plays basketball. As determined as she is, she will grow up to be a good player like Raquel was back in her teenage days. Alexis is one of the girls selected to join the Arizona basketball team.

Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Raquel Ann Sarah Nurse
Age Early 50s
Date of Birth 1970s.
Place of Birth  Hamilton, Ontario, United States
Profession Former Basketball player, Celebrity Spouse
Net worth Under review
Husband Donovan Jamal McNabb
Kids 4
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Marjorie Nurse, Canadato Arlie

Raquel Anne Sarah Nurse is a former American basketball. Apparently, there is not much information about her birth details.

We do know that she was born in Hamilton, Ontario, to Marjorie and Canada to Nurse. We can also assume that she is in her late thirties looking at her pictures in social media.

The 1997 Syracuse University MVP has proved to be a remarkable woman with a good soul and heart.

We do not know much about her children but we do know that she and Donovan have raised them right. If both parents were players, then obviously one or two will follow in their footsteps.

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