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Pat Shurmur Wife Jennifer Shurmur Wiki, Biography- 5 facts.

Image of Pat Shurmur Wife, Jennifer Shurmur wiki- 5 facts.

Are you a football fan? If so, you would be interested to know about one of the spouses of an NFL coach. Jennifer Shurmur is known to be the wife of the American coach Pat Shurmur.

He is formally known as Patrick Carl Shurmur. However, as mentioned, we will be talking about his lovely wife.

Who is Jennifer Shurmur? We will take a look at her marriage to establish more about her. As you read further, you will also get details of her children, early life, career, net worth, and age. Here are a few facts about her.

Jennifer Shurmur was a Professional Swimmer.

Pat Shurmur has never disclosed any information regarding her parents or family. She went to Arlington High School, where she practiced dancing and acrobatics; this was before discovering her love for swimming. She later attended Michigan University and joined the swimming team.

Jennifer participated in various swimming events and even ended up winning titles. In 1986, she managed to be the top 10 in a 200m swimming relay. Mrs. Shurmur was studying pre-med in Physiology at the time but decided to drop it after her engagement to Pat.

Image of Former WAG, Jennifer Shurmur
Caption: Former WAG, Jennifer Shurmur

Marriage as Pat Shurmur Wife.

Pat and Jennifer met while they were both studying at the University of Michigan. They met each other in the University’s weight room at the athletic department. They got to know each other more and started going out.

Pat and Jennifer Shurmur’s first date was at a certain steak and Ale restaurant. After dating for months/years, Pat asked for Jennifer’s hand in marriage in 1989. Pat and Jen ended up tying the knot in 1990.

Image of Jennifer Shurmur with her husband Pat Shurmur
Caption: Jennifer Shurmur with her husband, Pat Shurmur

The exact date is not known. Pat and wife Jennifer Shurmur were then blessed with four children; Allyson, Kyle, Claire, and Erica. There has never been any public scandal regarding their marriage for the past 33 years. Yes, the couple has been married now for thirty years. They make a good match.

Jennifer Shurmur’s Net Worth.

There is no information on Jennifer’s net worth. Details about her career are scarce as well. We could say that she shares her husband’s net worth. Pat’s net worth is estimated to be $3 Million. According to the internet paying scale, professional offensive coordinators make about $1-2 million annually.

The Shurmur Couple must be living in a beautiful, comfortable house in a good neighborhood.


Claire took after her mother; at the moment, she is on the Aquajets team in Minnesota. Allyson was enrolled at Boston College. Erica attended Michigan State University like her parents, and finally, Kyle is a QB at Vanderbilt. The girls’ birthdates have not been disclosed. Unlike her three sisters, at least there is some information on Kyle Shurmur.

Image of Jennifer Shurmur with her son Kyle Shurmer
Caption: Jennifer Shurmur with her son Kyle Shurmur

Their son Kyle is an American Football Quarterback.

He was born on 6th November 1996. Kyle is currently 27 years old and is an American football player. He studied at St. Edwards High School before moving to college in Pennsylvania.

Now, Kyle plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Early this year, in February, he re-signed with the Kansas City Chiefs again.

As Kyle grew up, he trained with his father. That is why he is going to make a good NFL player someday. Taking a peek at his social media account, he has a verified profile on Instagram.

He goes by ‘kyle_shurmur’ and has over 5k followers. Most of his posts are selfies of him and her best friend. He also has a couple of pictures from the field.

One thing the Shurmur siblings have in common is that they all grew up loving to swim.

Pat Shurmur’s wife Jennifer Shurmur’s Wiki bio and facts.

Full nameJennifer Shurmur
Age56 years old
Date of Birth15th June 1967
Place of BirthPoughkeepsie, New York, United States
ProfessionFormer WAG
Net worthUnder review.
HusbandPat Shurmur
Zodiac SignGemini

Jennifer Shurmur was born on 15th June 1967. Details of her parents have not been disclosed. She was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, and grew up with an interest in swimming. Jennifer mentioned that she had a brother who also loved swimming, but his details were not disclosed either.

She has always been supportive of her husband, even before they got married. Jennifer is an amazing mother and wife. There are also no details about her body measurements. However, we do know that she is blonde.

Looking at her social media, she only seems to be on Instagram, @jennifer_shurmur. Sadly, her account is private. Mrs. Shurmur is also not that popular on social media. Pat is well known; however, it’s sad to say he also has no social media account.

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