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Nia Renee Hill: Age, Wiki and Facts about Bill Burr’s wife.

Nia Renee Hill is an African American Filmmaker, thespian, and author. She is known for her work on the popular Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet. Nia would star alongside the likes of Drew Barrymore and Justified’s Timothy Olyphant.

Throughout her career, she has also been actively involved in costume design as well as casting. Get to know more about Bill Burr’s wife as we examine her life extensively. Stick around to learn interesting facts, such as her age and net worth.

Who is Bill Burr’s wife Nia Renee Hill?

Nia Renee Hill is an actor who gained fame after featuring in the movie Divorce: A Love Story. This was a film directed by the brilliant Pamela Fryman, who brought on Nia and the likes of Regina King.

The movie premiered back in 2013 to a lot of funfairs. Nia would later transition to television, finding work on shows such as Lila, Long Distance, Crashing, and, most recently, F Is for Family. The series’ creator is her husband.

Bill Burr’s wife, Nia, was brought on to be one of the voice actors on the animated show. It first premiered on December 18th 2015. Her comedic skills were on full display in various settings and restaurants.

Image of Caption: Actress, Nia Renee Hill
Caption: Actress, Nia Renee Hill

Nia has also been featured on a few podcasts, lending her opinion on various subjects. Besides acting, the star has also given her skills behind the camera. On the Dave Chappelle show, for instance, she worked as the coordinator. 2014 would see Nia Renee Hill switch to wardrobe and costume design for ‘Where’s My Movie?”

In as far as her writing is concerned, we learned that Nia is also an active blogger. She has written for the site XO Jane for several years now.

On it, she talks about her love life in the entertainment industry, as well as dishing out beauty tips. Lastly, we learned that Nia is very fashion-forward, as well.

Nia Renee Hill’s Net worth.

A career in Hollywood usually guarantees one a healthy net worth. Nia is a reputable filmmaker who has been both in front of and behind the camera. As such, Nia Renee Hill’s net worth presently stands at $1.2 million.

A glance at Bill Burr’s Wife Nia Renee Hill Instagram and social media.

Nia Renee Hill is very active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. On both platforms, we found that she had over 30K followers. Nia’s Instagram page is mostly dedicated to pictures of her and her family.

A glance at it will reveal numerous pictures with her husband Bill, and the rest of her extended family. This echoes the close bond which they all share. Her twitter, on the other hand, is a platform for her to share her varying thoughts and opinion.

For instance, she recently weighed in on the topic of Prince Harry and his wife taking a step down from their roles in the royal family, blaming the media for the couple’s departure.

Nia’s social media accounts also show fans of the actor all of her interests. For instance, Nia has a picture with a man cosplaying as Chewbacca on her Instagram, which tells us that she is a star wars fan. The producer also regularly posts photos of the various places she has visited.

Her social media profiles are also a platform for Nina to interact with her fans.

Nia Renee Hill’s Age.

The actor, Nia Renee Hill, came into this world on June 2nd 1969, in Los Angeles, California. This makes her 54 years old at the moment. However, she is turning 51 years old this year.

Nia Renee Hill Marriage as Bill Burr’s wife.

Nia is married to comedian Bill Burr. The couple met at one of Nia’s comedy shows. They shared an instant connection that was spurred on by their love for comedy.

The two would start dating soon after. Their relationship grew closer with each passing day, and Bill would go on to eventually pop the question. They would walk down the aisle on October 20th 2013. So far, they have been married for 9 years.

Image of Caption: Nia Renee Hill with her husband Bill Burr
Caption: Nia Renee Hill with her husband, Bill Burr

It has not always been smooth sailing as theirs is an interracial relationship. Some people, even in this day and age, are not comfortable with the idea of two people of different races getting together. These are the kind of people that Nia and her husband have had to deal with.

Three years after their marriage, Bill Burr and his wife, Nia Renee Hill, had a daughter. This was Lola Burr, who was born in 2016. Presently, she is about to celebrate her 7th birthday.

Image of Caption: Nia Renee daughter Lola Burr
Caption: Nia Renee daughter Lola Burr

Nia Renee Hill’s Educational Background.

The 54-year-old film-maker’s educational history includes a stint at Greensville County High School.  Nia Renee would then follow this up by enrolling at Emerson College, where she picked up a degree in media arts. She has also had short courses which centred on fashion.

Nia Renee Hill wiki-bio.

Full nameNia Renee Hill
Age54 years old.
Date of BirthJune 2nd, 1969.
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA.
ProfessionAuthor,  Filmmaker, Costume designer, Voice actor
Net worth$ 1.2 million
PartnerBill Burr
Zodiac SignGemini

 Life has not always been easy for Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill. When she was still young, her parents divorced. Her mother took Nia and her brother to live somewhere else. The actor’s mother would eventually remarry again, and Nia got a stepfather. As fate would have it, her new stepfather was heavily involved in the world of standup comedy. He is the one who got Nia Renee Hill to think about a career in comedy.

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