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Mike Shanahan Wife Peggy Shanahan Wiki-Bio and 7 Facts.

Image of Mike Shanahan Wife, Peggy Shanahan.

Peggy Shanahan is best known for being Mike Shanahan’s wife. Mike is a former American Coach. In this article, we will get to know more about the former coach and his family, especially his wife and children. Who is Peggy Shanahan? How long has she been married to Mike Shanahan? Read along to find out more about their family and net worth.

Married as Mike Shanahan’s Wife since 1976.

Peggy and Mike have been married for 47 years, a remarkable feat for any couple! Most of us will be lucky to get past the one-year mark, especially in quarantine!

The couple even has two children together: Kyle and Krystal Shanahan. Theirs was a meeting of fate. At the time, Mike Shanahan was a coach in college. While the exact date of this chance meeting remains a mystery, we can deduce that it must have been sometime back in the 70s.

It is because they were married in 1976. Also, they chose a specific day, Valentine’s Day, making the ceremony all the more special. How beautiful was that? Three years later, their son Kyle was born, and years after, their daughter Krystal.

Image of Peggy Shanahan with her husband Mike Shanahan
Caption: Peggy Shanahan with her husband Mike Shanahan

There has never been any scandal in their marriage or family. Despite Mike’s star power, he has never wavered in his love for his wife. No other woman matches up to his wife.

Mike and wife Peggy Shanahan have lived their happy life fully, and now they are almost in their seventies. Peggy and Mike have retired, and they are currently enjoying their lives together at home with their grandchildren.

Peggy Shanahan Is a Designer.

No information has ever been disclosed about Peggy. She preferred being away from the spotlight even though she is married to a former American Coach who is also a millionaire. We assume Peggy was a housewife and that she took charge of every single thing in the house.

Also, years back, Peggy designed their home in Colorado. It leads to the assumption that she might have studied interior decoration in College or University. Being a millionaire’s wife, it is easy to understand why she did not work.

Their Son Kyle is also a Famous Football Coach.

Kyle Michael is the head coach in the NFL team, San Francisco 49ers. He was born on 14th December 1979 to Peggy and Mike Shanahan in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Like his father, Kyle ended up becoming a coach and continued with the family legacy.

Image of Peggy Shanahan son Kyle Shanahan
Caption: Peggy Shanahan son Kyle Shanahan

When he was little, he used to love playing football with his father, who was a coach. We could say he was trained very well.

Kyle graduated from Texas University and started his coaching career. In 2010, Mike hired his son to work with him after he was appointed the Washington Redskins’ head coach. The coach’s wife thought it was a crazy idea for father and son to work together on the same team.

Also, the American coach is currently married to Mandy Shanahan; they have three children; Stella, Lexie, and Carter. Kyle is doing pretty well and earning over three million every year. His net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Mike and wife Peggy Shanahan have a daughter Krystal Shanahan.

Krystal is the daughter of Mike and Peggy Shanahan. Like her mother, Krystal prefers to live a private life. However, there were rumours that a wedding took place at the Shanahan’s mansion, and George W Bush’s daughter, Jenna, was in the house.

Jenna Bush and Krystal Shanahan went to the same University and were buddies. Sources say that Krystal could be married, or perhaps it could have been rumors about the Shanahans going to Jenna Bush’s wedding.

Wiki bio, and Facts.

Full namePeggy Shanahan
Age73 years old
Date of Birth30th October 1950
Place of BirthUnited States of America
ProfessionCelebrity wife.
Net worthUnder review
HusbandMike Shanahan
Zodiac SignScorpio
ParentsNot known

Peggy Shanahan is a very private woman. She is the wife of a renowned coach who is a millionaire and has a son to continue his legacy.

The only information that was disclosed about the veteran celebrity wife was that she was born on 30th October 1950, though we cannot be 100% sure about that. She is the proud mother of two amazing children and a grandmother to three.

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