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Michael Strahan Ex-Wives: Jean Muggli and Wanda Hutchins.

Originally posted on April 27, 2020 @ 4:38 pm

Michael Strahan’s face is probably the first you see when you turn your TV on in the morning. He’s one of the co-hosts of Good Morning America, The $100,000 Pyramid as well as Fox NFL Sunday.

Before all this fame, he was a defensive end for NFL’s New York Giants. Strahan dedicated 15 years of his life to his football career, which is more than both his marriages combined.

Find out what went wrong with his marriages as we take a look at Michael Strahan’s ex-wives, Jean Muggli and Wanda Hutchins.

Michael Strahan’s Marriage with first wife, Wanda Hutchins.

If you weren’t aware, Michael Strahan began his NFL career back in 1993, right after graduating from college. At the time, he was already in love and married a girl named Wanda Hutchins.

The couple met in Germany, where both their families were stationed at and decided on getting married before moving to the United States. Sadly, the pair only spent four years together before it all went wrong and ended in a divorce. So what happened?

According to sources close to the couple, Michael and his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, were too young when they got married in 1992. Neither had reached their potential career-wise and pilling on the challenges that come with marriage seemed too much to bear.

As a result, they ended things amicably in 1996, but not after they had two kids.

Image of Michael Strahan and his first wife Wanda Hutchins

Caption: Michael Strahan and his first wife Wanda Hutchins

Wanda Hutchins is the mother to Tanita, born in 1992, and Michael Strahan Junior, born in 1995. Tanita grew up and took up after her mother’s love for art and currently works as a painter. On the other hand, Michael Jr. keeps his life private despite both living in the United States.

Wanda Hutchins Wiki, Bio.

As you can already tell, the surname Hutchins is not an English name. That’s because Wanda Hutchins was born in Germany on June 6th, 1973, and is currently 50 years of age.

Most of Michael Strahan’s first wife, Wanda Hutchins’ early life is shrouded in mystery, including her education, father, and info regarding her siblings. Nonetheless, we came across her mother’s name as Renate Hutchins.

Image of Wanda Hutchins with their kids

Caption: Wanda Hutchins with their kids

Fast forward to her divorce, the mother of two moved back to Germany, where she works as an interior designer. While she never got married again, she had another kid named Dorian with her boyfriend post-divorce from the NFL player. Details about her new-found life remain scanty.

Michael Strahan’s Marriage with second wife, Jean Muggli.

In the same regard, the mother of two wasn’t the only one who moved on. Shortly after the divorce, Michael met Jean Muggli and married her in the year 1999.

However, not everyone in his family liked her. His father, in particular, had studied her character and warned his son not to marry her – but did he listen?

Image of Michael Strahan with his wife Jean Muggli

Caption: Michael Strahan with his wife Jean Muggli

Fast forward five years later, the couple became the parents of twin daughters Sophia and Isabella. While their father still maintained a close relationship with his former wife, Jean Muggli didn’t have it.

Sources have pointed out that she was cruel and wished death upon Tanita and Michael Junior.

Image of Michael Strahan with his daughter Sophia and Isabella

Caption: Michael Strahan with his daughter Sophia and Isabella

Come 2006; she filed for a divorce from the GMA host citing physical abuse. Wanda, his ex-wife, backed him up, citing his gentle non-abusive nature. Nonetheless, Jean still wound up with full custody of their twin daughters and relocated to North Carolina, where they currently live.

At the time of divorce, the court ordered him to pay her $15 million and an additional $18000 of child and spousal support. However, the figure was reduced to $13000 once he quit the NFL.

Jean Muggli’s Wiki, Bio.

Michael Strahan’s second wife Jean Muggli’s start in life began in North Dakota, where she was born on November 3rd, 1965. Surprisingly, she is much older than her ex-husband at the age of 57, whereas Michael Strahan’s age is 51.

Her father, Anthony Alphonse, served in the military while her mother, Mary Muggli, stayed at home as a housewife.

Nonetheless, Jean Muggli wasn’t the only child in the Muggli household. She stared at the house with five of her brothers and sisters named David, Scott, Carolee, Timmy, and Denise.

The North Dakota native graduated from one of the local schools in Carson City and wound up at a local university.

From there on out, she worked as a spa attendant at the salon where she met Michael. Once she became his wife, she quit her job and became a housewife.

Michael Strahan’s five-year engagement to Nicole Mitchelle.

You’d think that after all the drama caused by his ex-wife Jean, Michael would give relationships a break. On the contrary, the GMA host wound updating Eddy Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchelle, a year after his second divorce.

The relationship ran through a total of seven years, with an engagement two years into the relationship.

Image of Michael Strahan engaged with Nicole Mitchelle

Caption: Michael Strahan engaged with Nicole Mitchelle

However, the ending was a spectacle when Nicole was convinced he was cheating on her with some woman.

She wound up getting kicked out of the Beverly Wilshire Hote by security after banging on Michael Strahan’s door and cursing. In the end, they wound up being friends after all.

Is Michael Strahan Married to a wife or dating a girlfriend now?

The GMA’s dating life never disappoints in making headlines. He is currently dating a 33-year-old former waitress, stripper, and convicted felon named Kayla Quick.

The couple were first spotted together as early as 2015 and met at a bar and strip club in Port Charlotte, where she worked. Despite their 20-year age difference, they have been dating ever since but hardly share pictures on social media.

Image of Michael Strahan with his girlfriend Kayla Quick

Caption: Michael Strahan with his girlfriend Kayla Quick

Kayla Quick wiki, bio.

Kayla Lynn Quick is the daughter of a military man named Gerald Alan Quick and her mother, Mary Kay. She was born on October 17th, 1989, in Port Charlotte Florida, where her father was stationed after his previous deployment in Germany.

There are no details about Kayla Quick’s bio apart from sources claiming that she graduated from college. Nonetheless, the law has her on record following her arrests for disorderly contact and grand theft.

Social Media Activities.

If you weren’t paying attention, 50% of the women Michael Strahan has dated are military brats. However, you won’t find this information on his social handles.

Instead, he only posts about sports, the NFL, his morning shows, and occasionally, his kids. You can check him out on Instagram and Twitter, where he remains active.


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