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Margaret Anne Williams: Facts about Geoffrey Zakarian Wife.

Originally posted on January 15, 2020 @ 12:43 pm

Geoffrey Zakarian is a renowned American restaurant owner, entrepreneur, writer and reality television star. He has made his name on popular shows such as Iron Chef America.

The focus on this review, however, is Margaret Anne Williams, Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife. She is a Florida born entrepreneur who has conquered the world of business. Margaret has worked for prestigious companies in New York throughout her career.

The mother of three is also a University graduate. Know more about Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife, Margaret Anne Williams in this review. We will list all the relevant facts about her in the article.

Geoffrey Zakarian Wife Margaret Anne Williams is A Business Woman.

Margaret Anne Williams is an American businesswoman. This is something that runs in the family, as her father was a prominent entrepreneur in his time.

He ran Kimmins Contracting Corporation, an organization that deals with construction and demolition. Margaret was exposed to the business world from a relatively young age as a result.

It provided her with the experience and nerve to take all the risks necessary to be a successful businesswoman. Her father’s influence and support also went a long way in assuring that she got a good start in the world of business.

By her mid-20s, Margaret Anne Williams was already working for a prestigious company. This is 3Sixty Hospitality.

The company strives to build environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially conscious textile products for the hospitality business. The excessive use of plastic is something that has been the bane of the environment for decades now.

Margaret and her corporation strive to ensure that other businesses take up the responsibility to curb the excessive use of plastic.

This is a company that recently merged with the likes of Lotus, which seeks to offer its clientele with the best dining experience possible.

Margaret’s rise in the company has been gradual. While she started as a base employee, she would eventually rise to the position of Marketing Executive.

In addition to this, Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife would also go into business with her husband. The couple launched their own restaurant, ‘Country.’

With Geoffrey’s experience in the restaurant business and Margaret’s prowess in business, the establishment went on to receive a Michelin Star.

Lastly, Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife also enjoyed a stint as a television personality for a period of time.  This came on the show, ‘The Kitchen’ where she starred alongside her husband.

Margaret Anne Williams’s Married Life.

The savvy Florida born businesswoman is married to Geoffrey Zakarian. Sources say that the two met after they were set up by a friend they had in common.

Despite their twenty-year age difference, which often put their relationship in question, the two found that they had a lot in common. For one, they shared a love for the culinary arts and business.

This would explain why they would eventually open a restaurant together later on in life. Despite their relationship being put a microscope by the public and the media owing to their large age difference, their relationship continued to flourish.

Margaret and Geoffrey would go on to date for a while before eventually deciding to take things to the next level. On July 31st, 2005, the two would finally wed in front of friends and family.

The ceremony took place in Niagara Falls at Our Lady of Lebanon Roman Catholic Church. While relatively simple, the wedding maintained an air of sophistication about it; boasting an elegant white and grey theme.

Despite the fact that Geoffrey was a celebrity, the ceremony remained a low key affair. So far, the two have been together for fourteen years, and show no signs of slowing down.

Margaret Anne Williams Education.

Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife is an educated woman. Margaret is an alumni of New York University, where she went on to major in Marketing and Business.

The institution provided her with the foundation she would need to succeed in the world of business. Most people who knew her in her university days claim that she lives by the motto, ‘Do something two times before determining that you despise it.’

This mantra she picked up from her days in school enabled Margaret Anne Williams to become the savvy entrepreneur that she is today.

Margaret Anne Williams Age.

Geoffrey Zakarian’s Wife Margaret is a 44-year-old woman as of 2023. This means that she was born on June 12th, 1979 in Buffalo, New York. However, she would go on to spend a large portion of her childhood in Tampa, Florida.

Margaret Anne Williams is a Gemini in regards to her star sign. Being 40, the businesswoman is two decades younger than her current husband, Geoffrey Zakarian.

Geoffrey Zakarian and Wife Margaret Anne Williams’ Kids and Family.

Margaret and Geoffrey have three children together at the moment. Their first child is daughter Madeline Zakarian, who is 16 years old as she was born back in 2007.

The couple’s next child was Anna Zakarian, who was born two years after her sister. This was in 2009, and it would make her 14 year old as of this year.

The couple’s third child was a son named George Harris Zakarian, who came into the world in 2014. George is presently only 9 years old.

Geoffrey Zakarian’s wife and her husband maintain a closely-knit family. In fact, they regularly take their children out on fun activities such as cooking classes and horseback riding.

Margaret Anne Williams is the daughter of Francis and Marie Williams. She was very close to her father and as such, followed in his footsteps and took up an interest in the business.

She is a Philanthropist.

Margaret Anne Williams is a woman known for her altruism. Both Margaret and her husband regularly give back to the community. Most recently, they took part in the Bid against the hunger campaign.

The event took place in the City of New York, and it aimed to raise money in order to fight the growing rates of starvation and hunger in the City.

New York is a city full of homeless and less fortunate people. Geoffrey Zakarian and wife Margaret Anne Williams have taken it upon themselves to try to participate in as many of these charities as they can.

Margaret Anne Williams Wiki, Bio and Facts.

Full nameMargaret Anne Williams- Zakarian
Age44 years old.
Date of Birth12th June 1979.
Place of BirthBuffalo, New York, USA
ProfessionBusinesswoman, Restaurant Owner, Television Personality, Philanthropist
Net worthUnder review
HusbandGeoffrey Zakarian
Zodiac SignGemini
ParentsFrancis and Marie Williams

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