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Lisa Ann Russell (Jeff Probst Wife) Age, Wiki, and Facts you didn’t know

Image of Lisa Ann Russell (Jeff Probst Wife) Age, Wiki, and Facts you didn’t know

Jeff Probst built his reputation as ‘the torch snuffer’ on CBS’s long-running reality television Survivor series. Always by his side is none other than his beautiful wife, Lisa Ann Russell, who is also a former model, actress, and television host.

Unlike most Hollywood A-listers, Jeff Probst’s wife doesn’t have any social handles and prefers meeting up the old fashioned way.

With that in mind, we finally compiled a definite highlight on Lisa Ann Russell’s wiki, age, and other exciting facts worth checking out.

Lisa Ann Russell is Jeff Probst’s wife since 2011.

Jeff Probst met Lisa Ann Russell some time back at a holiday party event orchestrated by Survivor’s executive producer, Mark Burnett.

They kept close contacts from there on out until 2011 when they publicly announced their relationship. She walked the red carpet on the arms of the survivor host at the Creative Arts Emmys.

A few months later, he surprised his fans on Twitter by apologizing for leaving the show mid-season, citing personal matters he couldn’t break out of.

While people pondered over what his business might have been, sources later confirmed that it was indeed his private wedding with Lisa Ann Russell.

Image of Lisa Ann Russell with her husband Jeff Probst
Caption: Lisa Ann Russell with her husband, Jeff Probst

The pair recited their marriage vows in front of friends and family at a private residence in Los Angeles on December 5th, 2011.

At the time, the bride was aged 40 while the groom was a decade older than her at age 50. Despite the age difference, there have been no signs of affairs or marriage wrecking rumors as of 2023.

For the most part, Los Angeles has been their home for two decades – living separately and as a married couple.

Lisa Ann Russell is 51 Years Old Now.

Born on March 21, 1972, in Sterling, Chicago, Jeff Probst’s Wife, Lisa Ann Russell, is 51 years old as of writing this article. Her husband is seen posting Birthday wishes on her social media timelines on that day to celebrate.

It’s Her Second Marriage.

Before Jeff Probst, there was another who stole the young actress’s heart; his name? Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar.

If you were born somewhere in the 1980s, then you’d probably recognize him on Saved by the Bell, where he played Zack Morris.

The show revolved around the lives of students and teachers in the fictitious Bayside Hide School and ran from 1989 to 1993.

Image of Lisa Ann Russell with her ex-husband Mark-Paul Harry
Caption: Lisa Ann Russell with her ex-husband Mark-Paul Harry

As fans wanted more of the cast, the series birthed a spin-off, Saved by the Bell: The College Years and two more movies. During this time, young Lisa Ann Russell met Mark-Paul Gosselaar when she came in to make a guest appearance on the show.

It wasn’t long before love sprouted between the pair leading up to their marriage on August 26th, 1996. However, after one and a half-decade, they separated in 2010 for reasons unknown.

Shortly after, their relationship ended with a divorce that was finalized in 2011—this about the same time that she was spotted with Jeff Probst.

Naturally, rumors went on that ‘The Torch Snuffer’ had come in between their marriage and was the reason for their divorce.

However, this is untrue as a source close to the two reported that she only went out with Jeff after her separation from Mark-Paul. Nonetheless, he had a hard time processing the break-up and was mainly cooped up in the house weeks while she was partying in L.A. as reported by an insider.

Jeff was Also Married Before.

Lisa Ann Russell and Jeff Probst share a lot of things in common. Not only were they previously married to their former partners, but it just so happens that both their first marriages coincided in the same year. Jeff Probst had his first serious shot in love with a woman named Shelly Wright.

She’s a graduate from the University of Tennessee and works as a psychotherapist. They met and dated back before he made something out of his career.

By 1996, the pair got married in – you guessed it, a private ceremony just as Probst likes it. Sadly, after five years of living together, their love ended in divorce in 2001. Once parted, they shared the custody of the dog they lived with.

Before Jeff Probst met his current wife, he dabbled in the dating world for a decade. Some proprietary women he was involved with include a former contestant on the survivor series named Julie Berry.

They dated for about three years and broke up in 2008. Interestingly, he also went out on a date with actress Katie Couric but never called her back.

Image of Jeff Probst date with Katie Couric
Caption: Jeff Probst date with Katie Couric

She has 2 Children from a Previous Marriage.

Jeff Probst did not sire children with his first wife, Shelly Wright, nor with his long-term girlfriend, Julie Berry, yet somehow, he identifies as a father.

Technically, he joined in on the shared custody of his current wife’s children, Michael Charles, born in 2004, and Ava Lorenn, born in 2006. It was weird at first, but they soon accepted Jeff into the family and refer to him as their father.

On the other side of the family, Mark-Paul Gosselaar was also quick to move on. Barely ten months after his divorce, he got engaged to Catriona McGinn, a marketing executive. They now have two kids together; a daughter named Lachlyn Hope and a son named Dekker Edward.

Image of Lisa Ann Russell with husband Jeff and two kids Lachlyn Hope and Dekker Edward
Caption: Lisa Ann Russell with husband Jeff and two kids Lachlyn Hope and Dekker Edward

Lisa Ann Russell advocates for Jeff Probst to quit as host of Survivor.

As the pressure mounted on raising the kids after the divorce, one source pointed out that Lisa wasn’t too understanding of Jeff Probst’s career.

We all know that he flies to remote islands to film the show for four months, and as a result, Jeff Probst’s wife wasn’t too happy about being apart from him.

The source revealed that she wanted him to quit his job and help her raise her teenage kids. Moreover, it’s not like he needed the extra cash since his current net worth should last him an entire lifetime.

Since the mother of two Jeff Probst’s wife doesn’t have any social pages, it was up to her husband to speak on her behalf. The Survivor host refuted all the rumors citing that he sometimes hosts the kids on the island, and they love it as part of their adventure.

Jeff Probst Wife Lisa Ann Russell Net Worth and Career.

Right after graduating from college in California, Lisa Ann Russell dived into the modeling industry by working for Revlon. Once word got out, she went on to work for other high-end modeling agencies as well.

It wasn’t long before she made her debut on television on the series, Saved by the Bell: The College Years back in 1993 in an episode called Rush Week.

Image of TV host, Lisa Ann Russell
Caption: TV host, Lisa Ann Russell

The following year, the former model embarked on a career as an actress by appearing on A.P.E.X. As Natasha Sinclair.

Other notable roles were on Twisted Love, Kounterfeit, and Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights in 1998. Following her marriage to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, she renounced her career in acting and stuck with modeling.

However, after marrying her current husband, we saw her appear as a host and talent coordinator on The Jeff Probst Show on countless occasions.

As a result, for all her work in the entertainment industry, Jeff Probst’s wife Lisa Ann Russell has a net worth of approximately $2 million to show for it.

On the other hand, her husband holds four Primetime Emmy awards for Outstanding Host for a reality competition program. As such, Jeff Probst boasts of a net worth of approximately $50 million with a salary of $200 thousand.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements.

The former model is gorgeous and still maintains her looks with body measurements of 35 by 25 by 35 inches. She also stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighing approximately 110 lbs with dark brown hair and same eye coloration.

Lisa Ann Russell Age, Wiki.

Full nameLisa Ann Russell
Age53 years old
Date of BirthMarch 21st, 1972
Place of BirthSterling, Illinois
ProfessionModel, Actress, television host
Net worth$2 million
HusbandJeff Probst
Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight110 lbs
Zodiac SignAries

 While she goes by Lisa Ann Russell now, the former model was born as Lisa Anne Corpora in Sterling, Ilinois on March 21st, 1972.

The mother of two Jeff Probst’s wife is currently age 53 but looks even better than her younger self. She is part French and Italian judging from her parent’s lineage. However, no such info regarding her parents nor siblings has ever made it to light.

Moreover, she spent most of her early life moving from Michigan, Chicago, and California, probably due to her parents’ work. Somewhere along the line, the mother of two dropped her last name and adopted the surname Russell.

This was right after her high school graduation and during her time in California in pursuit of her degree leading up to her career in modeling.

Social Media Activities.

As mentioned earlier, Lisa Ann Russell is non-existent in the social media world. She doesn’t appear anywhere on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Meanwhile, her husband, Jeff Probst, is a champ in all three. He boasts of 488K followers on Twitter and 123K fans on Instagram. On most occasions, he uses the platform to promote the Survivor series, whose new season premiered in February.

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