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Julie Clarke’s Biography and fact about David Clarke ex-wife.

David Alexander Clarke Jr. is the former sheriff of the county of Milwaukee, an office which he occupied for over 15 years. He is a self-declared Democrat who has come under heavy criticism for some of his views.

One incident that comes to mind is his view on black people’s laziness. David is also a writer who published the book Cop Under Fire. Switching focus from the former cop, we will examine his wife’s biography. David is married to a woman named Julie Clarke. Examine a few interesting facts about Julie Clarke in this review.

Who is Julie Clarke?

Julie Clarke’s name became significantly more prominent after she married former lawman David Clarke. Over the past few years, the aspiring politician’s name has been in the news owing to a few choice opinions he voiced. Julie, on the other hand, has worked in real estate for over twenty years.

She is part of the agency Realty Executives Integrity, which is located in Milwaukee County.  Julie identifies as a Home Ownership Professional who frequently operates in the Greater Milwaukee area. Her experience with real estate eventually led to a prominent role on the board of the Milwaukee Association of Real Estate Agents.

Before her real estate career took off, Julie worked as a clerk. She was also a very supportive wife and regularly attended public events with her husband, who was the sheriff at the time.

Image of Julie Clarke wife of American Sheriff, David Clarke
Caption: Julie Clarke wife of American Sheriff, David Clarke

There is scarce information available in regard to Julie Clarke’s career and net worth. Because of this, her net worth remains undisclosed and under review.

Julie Clarke’s Age.

The real estate agent is a relatively private person. We were not able to unearth any information regarding her age.

Her husband, on the other hand, is 67 years old at the point of writing. Going by his age and the pictures of Julie online, we estimate her to be somewhere between her mid to late 50s. Stay tuned for more updates.

Julie Clarke’s Educational background.

David Clarke’s wife attained her high school diploma at Ashwaubenon High. After graduation, she earned a call-up to the University of Wisconsin, where she attained her bachelor’s degree.

Julie Clarke’s Married Life.

The real estate mogul met her would-be husband in a courtroom, of all places. At the time, David was the lead detective and in charge of a double homicide case.

Julie, on the other hand, was working as a court clerk. Despite the fact that both of them remained professional during the case, they managed to stay in contact well after the trial and even started dating.

This led to them tying the knot by the time 1996 rolled around. The couple built a lovely home in the lovely North West region of Milwaukee.

Image of Julie Clarke with her husband David Clarke
Caption: Julie Clarke with her husband, David Clarke

Despite being a full-time career woman, Julie managed to attend all of her husband’s rallies and events. Julie and her husband, David, stayed together for over 22 years. In all this time, however, they had no children.

David Clarke Filed For Divorce.

Back in 2018, it came to light that David was seeking a divorce from his longtime partner. As of 2023, however, there’s still no news if the divorce is already finalized yet. As far as anyone is concerned, they are still legally married.

Neither David nor Julie have spoken for the reason of their marriage conflicts.

Julie Clarke was in an interracial relationship.

Julie is a Caucasian woman. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, retired sheriff David Clarke, is an African-American man. As such, the two were involved in an interracial marriage for over two decades.

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