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Juanita Vanoy Net Worth, Wikipedia Bio. What is Michael Jordan’s ex Wife doing today?

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Originally posted on February 15, 2020 @ 6:33 pm

Juanita Vanoy is an American entrepreneur, former fashion model, and ex-executive secretary of the American bar association. Juanita Vanoy is well known as the ex-wife of former basketballer Michael Jordan.

Get to know more about Juanita Vanoy’s net worth, Wikipedia bio, and what she is up to at the present moment.

Juanita Vanoy Wikipedia Biography. 

Juanita Vanoy (Michael Jordan’s ex-wife) was born in Chicago on 13th June 1959. She was raised on the Southside of Chicago. Owing to her passion for modelling, Juanita took up numerous modelling projects during her teenage years.

Later on, she joined the American University, where she was always a top student.

After college, she first worked at a bank as a loan officer. She then worked at the American Bar Association as an executive secretary and model. After divorcing Michael Jordan, she got into the real estate business, which she undertakes up to date.

Image of Caption: Model, Juanita Vanoy

Caption: Model, Juanita Vanoy

Married Life with Michael Jordan. Kids?

Juanita Vanoy got married to the retired NBA star, Michael Jordan, on 2 September 1989. Basketball Legend Jordan and Vanoy met for the first time in 1984 at a restaurant in Chicago. Juanita, at that time, was doing her modelling gigs.

Coincidentally, they later attended a friend’s party where they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Chemistry erupted between the two, and they started dating officially in 1987.

Image of Caption: Juanita Vanoy with her kids Jeffrey, Marcus (son) and Jasmine Jordan (daughter)

Caption: Juanita Vanoy with her kids Jeffrey, Marcus (son) and Jasmine Jordan (daughter)

In 1988, they had a son together and named him Jeffrey Michael Jordan. In 1989, the couple decided to officiate their union by doing a private 3 a.m. wedding.

After the wedding, the duo added two more kids: Marcus Jordan, born on 24th Dec 1990, and Jasmine Jordan, born on 7th December 1992. Later on, Juanita and Michael founded ‘The Michael and Juanita United Negro College Fund.’

The foundation is a scholarship program aimed at providing education scholarships to UNCF students. The charity program runs up to date even after the expensive divorce settlement by the founders.

Juanita Vanoy Divorce.

Unfortunately, Juanita separated from Michael Jordan in 2002. The divorce was officially finalized on 29th December 2006. Allegedly, the reason for divorce was because of Michael Jordan’s extramarital affairs with Karla Knafel.

Image of Caption: Juanita Vanoy's with her ex-Husband Michael Jordan

Caption: Juanita Vanoy’s with her ex-Husband Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan tried bribing Karla Knafel with $250,000 not to disclose the affair between them, but all was in vain. The divorce settlement is considered to be one of the most expensive divorces of all time. After the divorce, Juanita Vanoy got full custody of their kids.

She was not affected negatively by the divorce. Fortunately, she was able to raise the kids perfectly. All the kids are doing well now. Jeffery is a former basketballer who played for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini.

Also, he played for Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois. On the other hand, Marcus is also a basketballer. He played for the UCF Knights Men’s basketball team of conference USA. The last born, Jasmine is the founder of a sneaker brand, Nike Jordon Heiress Collection.

Juanita Vanoy’s ethnicity and Nationality.

Juanita Vanoy’s Nationality is American with Hispanic ethnicity. Her birth sign is Gemini.

Juanita Vanoy’s parents.

As said earlier in this article, Juanita celebrates her birthday on the 13th of April. She seems very secretive about her parent’s details. Nothing is known about her parents. However, according to various online sources, her mother is Cuban, and her father is American. No details about Juanita’s siblings are known.

What is Juanita Vanoy doing now?

Juanita Vanoy is currently in the real estate business. Since the divorce from Michael Jordan, she has been dating Ken Reynolds. Juanita is living a delighted life. She continues to be part of Michael and Juanita’s Endowment. She lives in the Kingsbury Estates area in River North, Chicago.

Currently, she is a happy grandmother to Jasmine’s child, born on 13th May 2019. Unlike other celebrities, Juanita prefers to keep a low profile, avoiding media attention at all costs. Paparazzi’s have not been able to catch up with her either.

Juanita Vanoy is involved in charity organizations. Interestingly, she is involved in numerous health and education organizations for children. For instance, she is part of the Chicago Children’s Museum and the Illinois Association for Sickle cell disease.

Juanita Vanoy Net Worth.

As the former wife of a billionaire basketballer, Juanita Vanoy holds a good net worth. Luckily, she was able to amass some wealth from her ex after the divorce. She got 170 million Us dollars wealth from her ex-husband Michael Jordan. Additionally, she got full custody of their home worth $168 million.

Juanita Vanoy’s net worth is $5 million. She used to make $40,000 to 90,000 yearly as a model.

Currently, her main income source is the real estate business. Besides that, she makes a good amount of cash from advertisements, endorsements, and brand promotions.

Juanita started the real estate business by selling her $3.2 penthouse on Lake Shore Drive. Since then, she has had many other deals, which have enabled her to make a huge amount of cash.

With s an impressive net worth, Juanita owns a luxurious house worth $4 million in Chicago.

Juanita Vanoy’s Ex-Husband, Michael Jordan, is Now Married To Yvette Prieto.

Michael Jordan is a basketball Hall of Famer. He has been in the basketball world since 1984. He was part of the Summer Olympics gold medal-winning team.

Besides that, he was in the ‘Bulls’ when they won playoffs to join the Eastern Conference finals. Michael has won various awards throughout his career, for example, ‘Defensive Player of the year,’ ‘Rookie of the Year,’ ‘Slam Duk Contest Champion.’ From all these awards, he earned the title ‘NBA Champion.’

Image of Caption: Juanita Vanoy's Ex-Husband Michael Jordan is now married to Yvette Prieto.

Caption: Juanita Vanoy’s Ex-Husband, Michael Jordan, is now married to Yvette Prieto.

After the peaceful divorce settlement with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy, Michael Jordan decided to try marriage again. He is now happily married to Yvette Prieto since April 27, 2013. Together, they have twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel.

Talking about his riches, Michael Jordan has a net worth of $1.5 billion. As a basketballer, he used to make $31 million per year.

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