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Jennifer Pfautch: 7 Facts about Omari Hardwick Wife.

Image of Jennifer Pfautch: 7 Facts about Omari Hardwick Wife.

Jennifer Pfautch is a Missouri born television producer and publicist. The former California University graduate is married to a high profile actor. Jennifer has been all across Hollywood and even ventured into the world of sports in the process as well.

She also runs a website where she interacts with numerous fans and talks about topics like healthy living. Most people also consider her a motivational speaker. Jennifer Pfautch is a proud mother of two.

Know more about Jennifer as we go through 7 facts about Omari Hardwick’s wife. We will also examine her biography in the process.

Who is Jennifer Pfautch?

Jennifer Pfautch burst into the limelight after her relationship and high profile marriage to actor Omari Hardwick. He has starred on popular films such as the critically acclaimed action movie Kick-Ass and the Drama for Colored Girls.

His most notable role came when he landed the lead in the television show, Power. It premiered back in 2014, launching Omari Hardwick and his wife to stardom.

Jennifer Pfautch has enjoyed the relative success of her own throughout her career. Omari Hardwick’s wife is a former student of the Lutheran California University, where she attained a degree in communication. Fresh off college, she moved to Los Angeles, where she interned across various organizations in Hollywood.

After gaining enough experience, she went on to work at Creative Artists in the early 2000s. This was a company that managed sports personalities and actors alike in Los Angeles. They catered to over 2000 reputable clients.

Image of Caption: Television Producer, Jennifer Pfautch
Caption: Television Producer, Jennifer Pfautch

Omari Hardwick’s wife would then make a move to Paradigm Talent Company, which also catered to numerous famous people as well. Her hard work at the firm saw her steadily rise to the top. Presently, Jennifer Pfautch is one of the top figures at the company.

Besides Jennifer’s work as a publicist, she is also the author of a viral blog. She runs pages such as Good Eats, where she talks to her fans about healthy living, dieting, and listing great recipes. These are passed down from generation to generation in her family. Jennifer also runs another blog titled Food For Thought, where she inspires her numerous fans with various teachings she has picked up over the years.

It is fair to say that Omari Hardwick’s wife has helped build her name and become a better publicist. Jennifer’s social media account also improved as she garnered a larger following, turning her into a social media sensation.

Jennifer Pfautch’s Age, Birthdate.

Omari Hardick’s wife, Jennifer Pfautch, came into this world on the 7th of January 1983 in St. Louis, Missouri. This would mean that she just turned 48 years old as of 2023. Most recently, she thanked fans and friends alike for wishing her a happy birthday on her Facebook page.

Did Jennifer Pfautch’s son die?

There have been a lot of traction surrounding rumors that Jennifer and her husband lost a son. Is this true? The answer is no. Jennifer and her husband have two children together, both of whom are still alive. However, Omari Hardwick and his ex-partner did lose a son back in 2017.

Image of Caption: Jennifer Pfautch husband with his late son
Caption: Jennifer Pfautch husband with his late son Brave

It was not the only loss the actor would experience. Back in 2014, in a twitter post, he talked about losing both his son, sister, and brother in a span of a few years. This is where the confusion must have stemmed from. However, Omari had a son before he got together with his current wife.

Jennifer Pfautch Net worth.

Omari Hardwick’s wife, Jennifer has had a long-standing career in Hollywood. What this has translated to is a very substantial net worth. As such, Jennifer Pfautch’s net worth currently stands at an impressive $ 1.5 million at the moment.

Jennifer Pfautch is Married to Omari Hardwick.

The American publicist is a married woman. She is the wife of actor Omari Hardwick. He was born back on January 9th, 1974, in Savannah, Georgia. Most recently, he was featured on the hit BET show Being Mary Jane. Jennifer was his girlfriend for a prolonged period. Jennifer was with him while he was still green in the industry.

Omari Hardwick and wife Jennifer Pfautch while he was still green in the industry. They were married two years before he got his big break on the hit show Power. It’s safe to say that she did not marry him for his money and has been around through the tough times as well.

Image of Caption: Jennifer Pfautch with her husband Omari Hardwick and daughter Nova
Caption: Jennifer Pfautch with her husband Omari Hardwick and daughter Nova

The couple would eventually tie the knot back in June 2012, in a reserved little ceremony that did not draw too much media attention. The ceremony was witnessed by a handful of friends and family in Kansas City.

After Omari’s career took off, the two-faced a few hurdles with their marriage. After posting a picture of her family at a restaurant, Jennifer became the victim of waves of abuse and trolling from the internet.

Surprisingly, this came from the alleged fans of her husband. The backlash was racially motivated, as Jennifer Pfautch was from a different race. Jennifer Pfautch is not only white but also Native American in regard to her heritage.

Omar Hardwick and Jennifer Pfautch’s Love.

Omari’s fans, who were in large part African Americans, did not approve of his marriage to a Caucasian woman. You’ll be surprised to learn that even in this century, some people remain openly against interracial marriages.

As such, they target interracial couples online. Jennifer has received a lot of hate messages, some calling her ugly and trashy just because she is a white woman married to a black man.

The actor quickly came to the defence of his wife on Twitter, condemning all the people who had sought to attack her. Jennifer and her husband ignored the hate and continued living in marital bliss.

At the moment, they have been married for 11 years. They also have two children together. These are sons Brave Hardwick and daughter Nova Hardwick. Jennifer and the rest of her family presently reside in New York.

Jennifer Pfautch’s Politcal Affiliations.

Omari Hardwick’s wife is a proud liberal and Democrat. This is evident by taking a look at her social media platforms. On Facebook, for example, she openly criticizes the current regime in the United States for its conservative views. Jennifer is particularly not fond of President Trump, a common sentiment shared by most Democrats.

Jennifer Pfautch wiki-bio.

Full nameJennifer Pfautch- Hardwick
Age40 years old.
Date of BirthJanuary 7th, 1983
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri, USA.
ProfessionPublicist, Television Producer, Internet Personality, Blogger
Net worth$ 1.5 million
PartnerOmari Hardwick.
Zodiac SignCapricorn.
ParentsUnder review.

 Jennifer Pfautch Hardwick has had to deal with a lot of highs and lows growing up. Despite it all, she continues to be a shining example to us all

Jennifer Pfautch’s Instagram and Social Media Activities.

A glance at Jennifer Pfautch’s Instagram and Twitter handle tells you that her popularity has steadily grown. Presently, she has around 109,000 fans on Instagram for instance. Jennifer uses this platform to post inspirational and uplifting to her followers.

One post for example encouraged everyone to stay true to who they were, even in the face of pressure. This came after an incident at her daughter’s school. She talked about not conforming to society’s expectations and losing that which makes a person unique in the process.

Jennifer also posted a picture of herself and her husband on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She quoted one of his famous lines, where he talked about equality and the integration of all races. This was a nod to her own interracial marriage with Omari, which would not have been possible were it not for men like Dr. King. The post sparked some criticism from fans who thought that she was wrongly interpreting Dr. King’s message.

Jennifer also came out to show her support for the Bryant family last week. This was after the famous basketball star and his daughter tragically lost their lives in a helicopter crash.


Jennifer Pfautch is a social media personality and former publicist. Her fame is directly tied to her husband, Omari Hardwick, who is a renowned African-American actor. Most recently, he featured on the hit show, Power, which was received with critical acclaim.

In regards to her educational background, Jennifer Pfautch attended the Lutheran California University, where she studied communication.

She currently manages a website called Good Eats, which centers on promoting healthy lifestyle choices such as good dieting. In this article, we will explore her social media platforms to know what Jennifer has been up to recently.

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