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Jeff Fisher Ex-Wife Juli Fisher Wiki Biography and 5 Facts.

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Juli Fisher is famously known to be Jeff Fisher’s ex-wife. Her ex-husband is a former football coach. We could say he was a legend coach back then.

Before he became a coach, Jeff used to play cornerback position and defensive back for a team in the National Football League. It is good to see that both his sons took after him.

Fisher used to be the head coach in the NFL back in his coaching days. In this article, we will talk about his marriage with Juli Fisher and the children they had together.

Who is Juli Fisher?

Juli is known to be the mother to the former NFL coach’s children. Apparently, there is no information about Juli Fisher.

The only thing we know about her is that she attended the University of Southern California. She fell under the radar soon after she divorced her husband.

Juli’s marriage with Jeff Fisher.

Even though there is no information about Juli, we do know a few details about her relationship and marriage with Jeff Fisher. Juli and Jeff went to the same University.

They met each other for the first time at an eating contest known as Beef Bowl. Since then, they got to know each other. After dating for nine good years, they decided to get married.

The wedding happened in 1986. That was after Jeff had already retired from playing football. There is no further information about Jeff and wife Juli Fisher’s wedding details. It was a private ceremony.

Image of Juli Fisher with her ex-husband Jeff Fisher
Caption: Juli Fisher with her ex-husband Jeff Fisher

Juli Fisher is Now Divorced.

Not all weddings work out towards the end. The couple kept breaking up and getting back with each other. However, they finally separated for good and divorced in 2008. The couple had some marriage issues. Juli made a statement that his husband had marital misconduct.

In their 22 years of marriage, they had three children together; Tara, Brandon, and Trent.

Juli Fisher’s Net Worth.

Information about Juli’s life was never mentioned. Not even her middle name. We also do not know her career life or what she used to make.

We, however, can be confident that she got a share of what they owned with Jeff. Considering that Jeff was coaching a team in the NFL, we could say he was loaded. His net worth is considered to be $20 million. His primary income came from his career as a coach.

After getting a divorce back in 2008, Juli Fisher earned an agreeable fat divorce settlement. It has undoubtedly made life easier for her.

Juli and Jeff’s Children.

The couple has three children. Trent was born on 19th June 1992. Trent is the second born to Juli and Jeff. He is currently 31 years old and plays for the Auburn Tigers. He was a defensive back at the University. There is no further information on him.

Image of Juli and Jeff second son Trent Fisher
Caption: Juli and Jeff second son Trent Fisher

Brandon Chase Fisher is the firstborn son. He was born in June 1987. Brandon attended the University of Montana, where he played as a linebacker. He is also known to have worked as a defensive backs coach to the RAMS team.

There were rumours that Brandon had gotten married. His wedding must have been a private one since there is not enough information about it. There might also be a possibility that he has children with his wife.

Image of Juli fisher kids Brandon Chase Fisher and Tara Fisher
Caption: Juli fisher kids Brandon Chase Fisher and Tara Fisher

Tara Fisher is the only girl. There is not much information about Tara. We do know that she is the only daughter and last born to Juli and Jeff. There was news that Tara got married to Justin Miller, a basketball player. However, they ended up divorcing.

Juli Fisher’s Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Juli Fisher
Age Mid-40s
Date of Birth 1970s
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Former WAG
Net worth Under review
Husband Jeff Fisher (ex)
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Under review

As you can see, there is barely any information on Jeff Fisher’s ex-wife. Juli went to the shadows immediately after her divorce. Even during her marriage with Jeff, she never disclosed any personal information about herself.

We also have no information about her age. Looking at her social media, she has a private account on twitter. This clearly shows us how private she is.

Comparing Jeff to Juli Fisher, we could say that Jeff is used to being in the spotlight. Even at his old age. The man is 65 years old and is still on social media. In one of his posts on Twitter, he posted a picture of himself holding a baby and tweeting that he was a grandfather.

This takes us to the conclusion that one of the fisher children is married and has kids. Jeff Fisher has over 46k followers on twitter.


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