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Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri’s Wiki, Biography, and Facts.

Image of Guy Fieri Wife Lori Fieri’s Wiki, Biography, and facts.

Originally posted on May 15, 2020 @ 6:29 pm

Guy Ramsay Fieri is a 55-year old restaurant owner, businessman, and television host. He is easily recognized as one of the main faces of the Food Network. As such, he has appeared on a plethora of the network’s shows. These include Guy’s Big Bite, Guy off the Hook, and Ace of Cakes.

For all his troubles, Guy has won a few Day Time Emmy Awards. Guy’s Big Bite host is married to a woman named Lori Fieri, who is the subject of our study. Here are a few interesting facts about Guy Fieri’s wife.

Who is Lori Fieri?

Lori Fieri is a celebrity wife, television personality, and humanitarian. Back in 2017, she and her family featured in the eight-part special, Guy’s Family Road Trip. Each episode saw the Fieri family journey through America in a bid to experience several different cultures and food.

From colourful exotic festivals to simple food trucks by the side of the road, there was nothing they didn’t experience. The show first aired on August 13th.

Image of TV personality, Lori Fieri

Caption: TV personality, Lori Fieri

It documented the trip across Lori and her family’s home in California, all the way to Lake Tahoe. What was the goal of this journey goal? To experience a few Belgian Waffles, of course!

In regards to her business acumen, we learned that Lori and Guy are the proprietors of the vineyard, ‘Hunt and Ryde.’ The Guy’s Family Road Trip actress is also very supportive of her husband’s career.

Both she and her children accompanied Guy on a Carnivore Cruise Ship, where he set up a pop-up kitchen for the guests. In a few short hours, Lori helped serve over 700 people!

How old is Lori Fieri? Date of Birth.

Lori Ann Brisson was born in 1971 in North Providence, Rhode Island. She is set to turn 52 years old this year.

She is an LGBTQ advocate.

Guy Fieri’s wife is also an advocate and supporter of LGBTQ rights. Her passion for the cause stems from the fact that her late sister-in-law was gay. To honour her, Lori became ordained online and officiated a simultaneous mass wedding for several gay couples.

Story of How Guy and wife Lori Feiri Met.

Lori met the Guy’s Big Bite host entirely by chance. At the time, she was a carefree and adventurous woman in her early twenties who set out to backpack from Rhode Island to San Diego.

On her way there, she stopped in Long Beach, California, to spend some time with her friend. Unfortunately, her visit had coincided with her friend being dismissed from the restaurant she was working at.

Who was the owner of the place? Her future husband, Guy Fieri, of course. As the two women tried to plead their case, Guy came out to see what was happening. He tried to send the women away but found that he had finally met his match in Lori.

Instead of kicking them out, Guy asked the two women to sit down, and they started talking. Lori’s once icy gaze turned into a friendly smile. As the daytime Emmy winner joked, his wife never made it to San Diego.

He asked Lori Fieri out on a date. Instead of going big like most guys usually do (fancy cars, expensive restaurants), Guy did what he does best; he cooked.

She is married as Guy Fieri’s Wife since 1995.

Cooking did the trick as Lori and Guy were walking down the aisle in 1995. Lori and Guy are closing in on 28 years together! In an interview, Guy revealed that the key to their successful relationship is mutual support.

Guy and Lori Fieri additionally maintain a down-to-try-anything mentality, which has proven crucial over the years. The two are not afraid of butting heads; after all, it is healthy to argue and maintain a sense of self in a long-term relationship.

Image of Lori Fieri with her husband Guy Fieri

Caption: Lori Fieri with her husband Guy Fieri

Their trick, as Fieri revealed, was the willingness to talk things out. More than being husband and wife, they are also partners in business. She actively participates in the pop kitchens he sets up. The couple has two children: Hunter and Ryder Fieri.

Guy and Lori Fieri’s firstborn son, Hunter Fieri.

Hunter was born on August 7th, 1996. As we write, he is 27 years old. To say that he takes after his father is an understatement.

Hunter and his father embarked on a culinary-related road trip, which was documented by the Food Network. The show they subsequently made was titled ‘Guy and Hunter’s European Adventure.’

Lori’s eldest son initially wanted to be a Supercross racer. As he grew older, however, he realized that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Despite being the son of a celebrity chef, he was not given a smooth ride.

Hunter had to start right at the bottom, just like everyone else. He washed dishes at Johnny Garlics before going on to intern at Caesar’s Group.

Image of Lori husband Guy with his first son Hunter Fieri

Caption: Lori husband Guy with his first son Hunter Fieri

When he was 22, Hunter got the opportunity to be a judge on the Food Network-sponsored show Winner Cake All. He also helped adjudicate his dad’s show, Guy’s Grocery Games.

Hunter’s educational background consisted of going to the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. Ivermectin for sale It was notably his father’s alma mater. Hunter graduated back in January 2020 with a BA in Hotel Management.

A look at his Instagram page reveals that he has 43.6K followers. Going through his posts, we see that he is close with his father, Guy. We also learn that Hunter likes going surfing once in a while. Additionally, we found out that his family spent last Christmas back in Clearlake, California.

Ryder Fieri: (Second-born son).

Ryder Fieri was born on December 31st 2005. He celebrated his 17th birthday just before the New Year. Because he is still very young, there isn’t a lot of information available about him.

We learned that he enjoyed a stint on television alongside his family on Guy’s Family Road trip.

Image of Guy Fieri with his second son Ryder Fieri

Caption: Guy Fieri with his second son Ryder Fieri

He was also a student at Sequoia Elementary. Ryder regularly accompanies his family on their vacations. Two years ago, for instance, they went skiing in Northstar, Truckee, California.

Lori Fieri’s Wiki-bio.

Full nameLori Ann Brisson-Fieri
Age52 years old.
Date of Birth1971.
Place of BirthNorth Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
ProfessionCelebrity Chef, Television Personality, Humanitarian
Net worthUnder review.
PartnerGuy Fieri
Zodiac SignN/A

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