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George Clarke Wife: Is he married to Katie after Catriona Drummond?

Image of George Clarke Wife: Is he married to Katie after Catriona Drummond.

George Clarke is a profound English architect and TV presenter, mostly on Channel 4 and 5. This year, he will mark his second anniversary after bidding farewell to the bachelor’s life back in 2018.

So who is the lucky girl, and what happened to his former ex-wife, Catriona Drummond? Are they still friends? Get to know everything about George Clarke’s wife and personal journey in finding true love here.

George Clarke’s Marriage with ex-wife Catriona Drummond until their divorce in 2014.

Long before George Clarke struck gold as a TV presenter, he was an architect and renovated people’s homes to get by. In the early 2000s, he landed a gig that brought him closer to meeting his half-Spanish wife, Catriona Drummond.

His client happened to be his soon-to-be wife’s brother, and they soon hit it off.

While it’s not clear on the exact date that the couple tied the knot, sources have it that it was somewhere in the early 2000s. No sooner rather than later, they welcomed three children named Georgie, currently doing his A levels, Emilio, born on April 8th, 2005, and Iona.

They did their best to raise them in Notting Hill, West London, but something was amiss.

Image of George Clarke with his ex-wife Catriona Drummond
Caption: George Clarke with his ex-wife Catriona Drummond

The love they had for each other began to fade as the architect became more engrossed in his work. He hardly ever had time for his family, and soon, the couple separated in 2013.

They divorced in 2014 and went out separate ways to have joint custody of the kids.

There were a couple of rumors back in 2013 when he was spotted in the St Davids Hotel in Cardiff, checking in with a woman and leaving the following day. However, he set the record straight on The Mirror, saying that the woman wasn’t his wife, partner, nor was he dating at the time.

George Clarke is Currently Married to New Wife Kaite.

It wasn’t long before the nation’s most adored architect ceased being an eligible bachelor. He was swept off his feet by a woman named Katie, who made him pop the question on marriage sometime in 2017. Of course, she would say yes.

A year later, in 2017, the family and a couple of close friends embarked on a subtle vacation to Ibiza, where they had their private wedding right next to the ocean. His kids love their new stepmom, and they still live in the same house in Notting Hill, West London.

Image of George Clarke with wife Katie along with three kids
Caption: George Clarke with wife Katie along with three kids

Who is George Clarke’s Wife Katie Clarke? Her bio.

George Clarke’s wife, Katie Clarke, comes from America while her family is stationed in Texas. Her sister, Marie Louise Hayward, is stationed in the Bahamas, where she has two kids. Professionally, Mrs Katie Clarke works as a Beauty and wellness agent at Assassin Communications.

She is also the head of Brand Marketing and the Comms consultant at the firm. Her work allows her to travel as portrayed through her Instagram account with tons of nature excursions and beach outings. Katie Clarke is also a dog lover and owns a white Siberian Husky. Details on her age and birth year are yet to surface.

Catriona Drummond Wiki, bio.

Back to his former wife and what she’s currently up to, Catriona works as an Art Director in the UK. She was born in Brisbane, Australia, to her Spanish father. We know nothing of her date of birth nor her mother except that she’s currently 83 years old. She also has a sister named Ana Drummond.

As a young lass, Catriona Drummond had always been fascinated with the Art World. With it, she found her calling and graduated from the Queensland College of Art.

Still potent to learn more, the mother of three landed on a foreign exchange program that saw her study in America at the University of Utah.

Following her marriage to George Clarke, she moved to the UK to be with him. However, after the divorce, she relocated back to Australia, where she serves as an art director to this day.

Social Media Activities.

Catriona Drummond remains lowkey, as seen through her Instagram with 600+ followers. She still plays a massive role in her kid’s lives, as seen through their family outings. While they spend most of their time with their father in the UK, she finds comfort in her work and two cute dogs.

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