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Eve Schiff [Adam Schiff wife] Bio, Parents, and Facts you didn’t know.

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Originally posted on February 6, 2020 @ 6:01 pm

Adam Schiff is an American Congressman and former student at the prestigious Harvard School of Law. He has been in office since the early 2000s, and most recently came into the limelight after the impeachment hearings late last year. The focus of this review, however, is his wife, Eve Schiff.

Sources speculate that she used to work as a social worker for a prolonged period. Know more about the congressman Adam Schiff’s wife right here as we take a look into Eve Schiff’s life. We will explore her bio and every other relevant fact.

Who is Eve Schiff?

Eve Schiff is known for being the wife of a popular American politician, Adam Schiff. He was, in fact, one of the head investigators during the impeachment process of the current president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

This is what thrust him and his family into the spotlight recently. In regards to her career prospects, Eve Schiff worked as a volunteer across the state of California.

She is reported to have been part of a number of community-based projects in the area. After moving to Washington, DC, Eve carried on with her volunteer work. Eve Schiff is also an avid homemaker. She raised her two kids at home while her husband was away, serving his constituency and expanding his political career.

Eve Schiff was so involved with her children’s life and upbringing that she joined their school’s PTA. This is the parents and teachers association group that she actively participates in on top of all of her philanthropic ventures.

Image of Caption: Volunteer worker, Eve Schiff

Caption: Volunteer worker, Eve Schiff

Lastly, we also learned that Eve was a very proficient tennis player back in the day. She had even played professionally in her youth, but hung up her tennis racket once she became a mother. Presently, however, she has taken up the sport again for fun.

The former tennis player is a loving and caring wife who has stood by her husband’s side for several years, supporting him in any way she could. Wives are fundamental to any budding politician’s careers. Their support cannot go without mention.

Eve Schiff Net worth.

Being the wife of Congressman Adam Schiff, Eve is entitled to a portion of his earnings and income. As such, the couple is said to share a net worth. It is reported that Eve Schiff and her husband have a joint net worth of $1.74 million.

Most of their income stems from Adam’s earnings in the political arena as Eve stays at home to raise their children. While she also actively partakes in community-based development projects, they do not bring in any money as they are charity based. This means that Adam is the primary breadwinner of the household.

Adam Schiff and Wife Eve Schiff Marriage and Kids.

Eve Schiff is indeed a married woman. As we previously mentioned, she is married to US Congressman, Adam Schiff. Sources say that the couple met in a tennis court of all places. This was in a place called Marina del Rey sometime in the 1990s. The random meeting place could be put down to the fact that Eve was a professional tennis player in her youth.

They shared an instant connection and began dating soon after. This was despite their religious differences. Eve was raised as a catholic, whereas Adam was brought up on the Jewish faith.

Adam often joked that their friends would tease them about the biblical significance of their names. They often pleaded with the pair to name their children Cain and Abel.

Image of Caption: Eve Schiff with her husband Adam Schiff and with their kids

Caption: Eve Schiff with her husband Adam Schiff and with their kids

Adam and Eve Schiff would tie the knot after five years of dating. This was on the 19th of February 1995 at a small ceremony with only a few loved ones in attendance. So far, they have been married for over 28 years. The couple has two children together so far.

Their first child was Alexa Marion, and she came into this world back in July 1998. This would make her 25 years old currently. Her brother, Elijah Harris, was born four years later. More specifically, around July in 2002, which would make him 21 years old.

The family initially lived in the state of California before moving to Washington DC to help further Adam’s political career. They are a very closely-knit group, as is evident in the way they interact with each other. Adam once took their eldest child Alexa to work with him. In reverse, Alexa gave her father a makeover one time as well.

Adam Schiff Wife Eve Schiff Wiki-bio.

Full name Eve Sanderson Schiff.
Age 59 years old.
Date of Birth December 12, 1963
Place of Birth Massachusetts, USA.
Profession Volunteer worker, Former tennis player.
Net worth $ 1.74 million
Husband Adam Schiff
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents Marion Sanderson (mother)

Eve Schiff was born in December 12, 1962, according to various sources. This would put her age at 59 years old at the moment. We also learned that she was born in Massachusetts to Marion Sanderson. Her biological father’s real name remains a mystery at this point.

We did, however, learn that Eve’s mother was a fairly popular artist. She raised Eve in San Diego, California. Growing up, Eve Schiff displayed immense talent in tennis. She would play professionally well in her youth.

Sources also revealed that in regards to her educational background, Adam Schiff’s wife, Eve Schiff is a former student of Torrey Pines High School, which she graduated from back in 1980. She would then go on to enroll in the University of California. Her major, however, remains a mystery.

Eve Schiff has experienced her fair shares of highs and lows in life. She met the love of her life back in the 90s only to lose her mother a few years later to illness. Throughout this, Eve Schiff has been a pillar of strength and the foundation of her husband’s political career.

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