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Ernestine Sclafani: Facts about Skip Bayless Wife.

Born in 1962, Skip Bayless’s wife Ernestine Sclafani, is a resident of Long Island. Professionally she is known as public relations executive. She caught the attention of the public after her marriage to Skip Bayless. He is a television personality and sports commentator at ESPN.

Ernestine is the Vice President of “Weber Shandwick,” an international public relations organisation. She grew up in Long Island and worked in the public relations industry. For her college studies, she went to Suffolk Country Community.

Rick Bayless wife Ernest Sclaflani would later join the Ball of Switzerland in 1990 and went on to work there for a decade. Ernestine Sclafani’s gradual rise would see her take up the role of Director in charge of Public Relations.

How did Skip Bayless and Wife Ernestine Bayless Meet?

Ernestine and Skip met during a meeting at ESPN. They would trade their contact information and start going on dates soon after. Despite their busy schedule, they still spared time to see each other. This level of dedication would eventually lead to marriage.

The two have managed to maintain a good relationship despite their busy schedule. Skip Bayless is known as a workaholic. However, Ernest Sclafani stated that he is also funny, shy, caring, and a good guy.

Image of Ernestine Sclafani and her husband Skip Bayless
Ernestine Sclafani and her husband Skip Bayless

They initially had a long-distance relationship, seeing each other over the weekends. They dated for some years before eventually getting engaged in April 2011.

Skip Bayless went ahead and announced their engagement on Twitter a few days later. After five years, they had their wedding on the 28th of July 2016.

Only close family members and friends were in attendance. When they met, Ernestine Sclafani was working as an anchor, and Skip was a commentator on ESPN. He was mainly stationed in the sports segment.

Who is Skip Bayless?

Skip Bayless has worked for ESPN2 for the “First Take” show together with Stephen A. Smith. When he debuted for his show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” in 2016, he left the show.

He hosts the show within Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports 1; he has continued to contribute to shows on Fox Sports.  Skip Bayless is also an author and sports columnist and has written books for the NFL team, The Dallas Cowboys.

Image of American sports columnist, Skip Bayless
American sports columnist, Skip Bayless

Their Life after Marriage.

Even though she is married to a television personality, Ernestine Sclafani does not have much presence on social media platforms, be it Instagram or Twitter.

Skip Bayless’ Wife, Ernestine Sclafani, signed up for an account on Facebook, with the profile name “Ernestine Sclafani,” with no profile picture, friends and even photos.

Contrary to her personality, Skip Bayless is active on social media. He has an account on Twitter and had over a million subscribers. Skip handles commentary work for National Basketball Association, when on playoff season, and he talks about a lot on his Facebook account on NBA.

Quick Facts.

They married when Ernestine Sclafani was 61 years. She is Skip’s second wife. Her husband’s first wife was a high school sweetheart he ended up divorcing.

Skip Bayless has had four long-term relationships which did not work. It all changed when he met Ernestine. They spared time from their busy schedules to ensure that they met over the weekends. In their free time, they like watching movies.

Ernestine Sclafani and Skip live cities apart. This is because of their busy work schedule. She works and lives in New York while Skip works in Manhattan.

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