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Elena Cardone [Grant Cardone Wife] Age, Wiki Biography.

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Image of Elena Lyons [Grant Cardone Wife] Wikipedia Biography.

Hello! People, today, we will be learning some amazing facts about the life of a great personality. She is not only an actress and a model but also an enthusiastic human who believes in humanity and serving for her people too.

She is none other than Elena Lyons, also known as Elena Cardone, Grant Cardone’s wife.

Elena Cardone Age.

Elena was born on 27th June 1973 in Madrid, Spain. She is an actress, investor, an entrepreneur. She is Spanish by nationality. Her height measures 1.71 m. She is also known as Elena Cardone/ Elena Rosaia. As of now, Elena Cardone is 50 years old.

Elena Cardone Wiki Bio.

Her father’s name is Bill Rosaia, who passed away in 2016. Bill was also a veteran and part of World War II. Elena covered her high school education in New Orlean, Louisiana. After which Elena Lyons moved to Los Angeles to practice her acting and modeling career.

She was 17 when she left her home to built her career. Her passion for sporting clay and trap shooting led her to be California’s 10th ranked female. She had also been one of the 100 hot actresses in Maxim’s magazine list in 2005.

Image of Actress, Elena Cardone
Actress, Elena Cardone

Grant Cardone’s wife, Elena Cardone, covered many commercial and editorial shoots under the fashion brand, Elite. Elena Lyons bagged her first acting pursuit on television as Lauren of NBC’s USA hight. After that, there was never turning back. She did many shows, including -Grounded for life, Two and a Half Men, Days of our lives, etc.

Apart from being an actress and a model, Elena Cardone is also a talented horse rider, swimmer and has hands-on auto mechanics too. She is such a sweetheart who believes in doing good and best for society.

Elena Cardone as an Author/Public Speaker.

Influenced by her husband, Elena Cardone is also an author; she has published various books on how to build an empire and larger than life for herself and her family. Some of the books she published as bestseller authors are: Build An Empire and 10X HEALTH SYSTEM. If you want to know how Elena build her empire, you can get her books at her blog.

Apart from being a bestseller author, she is also a public speaker, just like her husband, Grant Cardone. She has traveled the world and influenced people with her speaking.

Elena Cardone is a Lifestyle Influencer.

Actress, Author, Public Speaker, what else? Well, her career doesn’t stop there. Elena is also a lifestyle influencer. She runs a podcast where she invites and interviews and talks with many successful women and shares their success story with her followers.

In Elena Cardone’s podcasts, they talk about social media, building a successful business, entrepreneurship, health, children, and other wide ranges of topics like education, government,  travel, and, of course, beauty, fashion.

Elena Lyons Cardone’s Traumatic Past.

When she was just a 13years old teenager, she lost her best friend, Goldie, in a fire accident. This incident still has a profound impact on Grant Cardone’s wife Elena’s life. She says, –

I can’t forget that dreadful morning when dad woke me up at 4 am and said that my best friend’s house is on fire. I rushed to her house across the street and was shocked to know that she and her mother were still in the burning house. Goldie died in front of my eyes. I was standing like a dumb in horror and couldn’t save them.

After this incident, Elena never made any close friends. It still haunts her when she thinks she could have saved her best friend that night. This incident also led her to alcoholism and being a high addict on drugs.

Elena used to use this stuff to ease her pain from those dreadful experiences of her past. Slowly her burden got lower with the love, care, and support of her family.

Elena Cardone Net Worth.

Elena Lyons’s net worth is estimated to be around $35 million. She didn’t earn this money overnight. She went through lots of struggles in her acting career but never gave up.

Though she is an acting sensation now when it comes to helping others, she always stands up for them. Even after having super fans and stardom, she never forgets who she is a small-town girl.

Most of Elena Cardone’s net worth is derived from her investment ventures, sellings of books, and salary as a public speaker. But, that’s not all; she has other sources of income.

She also coaches people on two major topics, Public speaking and 1-on-1 coaching with Elena Cardone. for each specialization course, she charges $25,000 per person. Also, she gives advice for $700 on Business, Life, and Love. You can find in more detail on Elena’s blog here.

Married Life as Grant Cardone’s Wife.

She is married to Grant Cardone, who is a very famous author, motivational speaker, sales trainer, as well as real estate investor. It is said that happiness gets two people closer, but it’s different in this couple’s life.

The duo has their sorrows and pains to grief for. Elena Lyons Cardone was trying to recover from her best friend’s loss, while Grant was missing his father, who is no longer alive.

Image of Elena Lyon with her husband Grant Cardone and with their kids
Elena Lyon with her husband Grant Cardone and with their kids

This cute individual tied the wedding knot in 2004. Grant Cardone and his wife, Elena Lyons, are parents to two beautiful daughters, Scarlett Cardone and Sabrina Cardone.

They are leading a happy life together with their kids. No one can ever say that this couple has the age gap of 15 years between them.

Grant Cardone and wife Elena Lyons Cardone is a great charity worker and believes in mankind. There was a time when the duo raised $100 million for charity donations for the unprivileged ones.

Currently, Grant has several companies under his operation. These companies include Cardone Acquisitions, The Cardone Group, and Cardone Enterprises. As per 2023, Mr. Cardone’s net worth is estimated to be around $600 million. Some of his best publications of books include -The 10x Rule, Sell or be Sold, The Art of the Deal, etc.

Elena’s Social Media handles.

Grant Cardone’s wife Elena Lyons is very much active on her Instagram ( Elena Cardone) with 245k followers and twitter site.

Elena keeps updating her fans about her happy and merry life by posting her family and friends’ pictures. She also has her website Here, she expresses her ideas and opinions through blogs, podcasts, etc.

Name Elena Lyons/ Elena Cardone
Birth Date 27th June 1973
Height 1.71 m
Spouse Grant Cardone
Children Scarlett Cardone, Sabrina Cardone
Profession Actress, Model, Charity Worker
Net Worth $35 million

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