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Darragh Moore Wiki Biography of Christian Singer Lecrae’s Wife.

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Image of Darragh Moore Wiki bio and facts about Lecrae’s Wife.

43-year-old Houston native Lecrae Devaughn Moore is a songwriter, producer and hip-hop artist. He is famously known by his stage name, ‘Lecrae.’

Some of the musician’s most popular tracks include Coming in Hot and Tell The World. In regards to his film career, he starred in Hollywood productions such as A Cross To Bear and Superfly.

He is married to a wife named Darragh Moore. The latter will be our focus of study, as we will seek to unearth all relevant information about Lecrae’s wife.

Who is Christian Singer Lecrae’s Wife, Darragh Moore?

Darragh Moore is an African-American woman who was thrust into the limelight after marrying Christian hip-hop sensation Lecrae. Other than being a stay-at-home mother, not much else is known about Darragh Moore’s career prospects.

After she married Lecrae, she assumed the role of a caregiver for their children as he pursued a musical career.

Darragh is very supportive of her husband. The hip-hop artist has listed his wife as one of the reasons he achieved success. With his wife Darragh in his corner, Lecrae went on to drop several chart-topping albums. These include the likes of Gravity and Let The Trap Say Amen.

She has accompanied her husband, Lecrae to several music events. One example is the BET Awards back in 2013. Darragh is also a staunch Christian woman. It is a trait she shares with her husband.

Image of Housewife, Darragh Moore
Caption: Housewife, Darragh Moore

Darragh Moore’s Age.

Lecrae’s wife, Darragh Moore, was born in 1981. The exact date of her birth remains unknown. At the point of writing, however, she is 42 years old.  It makes her just a year younger than her husband.

Darragh Moore’s Net worth.

Being a private woman, details around Darragh Moore’s net worth presently remain undisclosed. She also does not have a job that brings her a salary. Her husband, Lecrae net worth, is valued at $2 million. He has generated this wealth from his music career. As the two are presently married, Darragh is entitled to a significant portion of this wealth.

Darragh Moore’s Life as Lecrae’s Wife.

As we have alluded to already, Darragh is married to a musician named Lecrae. Details surrounding their nuptials presently remain undisclosed. However, the two have been married for a significant number of years, as they already have three children together.

The family initially stayed in Memphis before the rapper relocated everyone to Atlanta. Darragh and Lecrae are both devout Christians who have raised their children in the same faith.

Image of Darragh Moore with his wife Lecrae and with their kids
Caption: Darragh Moore with his wife Lecrae and with their kids

Lecrae’s Ex-girlfriend and Sinful past relationship.

Before he married his long-term partner, Lecrae was involved with a different. The Christian rapper even got her pregnant while they were dating.

At the time, he was a relatively young man who was nowhere near ready for the responsibility of being a father. He worked at a call-centre with his then-girlfriend. One day, on a scheduled smoke break, she informed him that she was expecting his child. Lecrae lived very irresponsibly during the early years of his life.

The young musician regularly did drugs and made poor life choices. Lecrae had premarital sex with his then-girlfriend, labouring under the delusion that he could not get her pregnant while they were both on drugs.

He was afraid, and this fear led to Lecrae asking his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. Another thing that impacted his decision was the fact that he assumed that having a baby would mean the end of his music career.

Being raised in a Christian household, Lecrae could sense that what he was asking for was wrong. However, he suppressed his morality with more drugs and alcohol and took his girlfriend to a cheap abortion clinic.

After the deed was done, Lecrae slowly began to cut contact with his girlfriend. He did not want to keep anything or anyone around who reminded him of what he had done. Lecrae would not remember the incident again until years later.

He found a picture of his ex-girlfriend, and everything began rushing back. Overwhelmed with guilt, the young musician broke down and cried. He went as far as going to his church leaders to seek guidance. Back in 2014, Lecrae released an album titled ‘Anomaly.’ It told the story of all the sins he had committed.

Darragh Moore’s Wiki-bio.

Full name Darragh Moore
Age 42 years old.
Date of Birth 1981
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Housewife
Net worth Under review
Partner Lecrae Devaughn Moore.
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Under review

 When it comes to a social media presence, we can confirm that Darragh Moore’s activity is completely non-existent. Her husband, Lecrae, however, is a popular musician with a 1.6 following on Instagram alone.

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