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Dale Russell Gudegast Wikipedia, Age, and Biography of Eric Braeden wife.

Image of Dale Russell Gudegast Wikipedia, Age, and Biography of Eric Braeden wife.

Holiday in the sun, the movie that made one Dale Russel Gudegast famous in 2001 when it was released. This beautiful American actress was born in Los Angeles, California and got married to Eric Braeden.

Her life is an interesting one that she plans to write and release her book on a date yet to be communicated, but the works on it are already ongoing. More on Eric Braeden’s wife Dale Russell Gudegast.

Dale Russell Gudegast Age and Birthday.

The beautiful actress was born in on 17th November 1941 in Los Angeles, California, currently at the age of 82. She celebrates her birthdays every November of each year by doing different activities.

Dale Russell Gudegast Height and Weight.

Well, full information concerning her body type has never been put to the public yet, but once updated, we will try our best to inform you guys.

However, if her photos that are posted everywhere online are anything to go by, she seems tall if we compare them to the ones who are surrounded by her,  with brown hair and brown eyes.


As per her education, Not much is said about it, but what is known is that she attended an elementary and a private high school where she graduated but she didn’t attend college.

Dale Russell Gudegast Parents

She was born in the year 1941 to her parents, who are of French ancestry. Very little is known about her parents’ exact information, but what we know for now is they are of French Origin.


She was brought up together with her only sibling, Sigrid Valdis, who is also an American Actress. She also has a nice, Scott Crane.

Dale Russell Gudegast Nationality and Ethnicity.

Like we mentioned earlier, Dale Russell Gudegast was born of parents with French  Ethnicity. white ethical background, which is Swedish.

Dale Russell Gudegast is Eric Braeden Wife.

Eric Braeden, the man that Dale Russell met way back in 1964, was filming in the movie Combat. They became very close friends, and the friendship grew into something more that they later got married in a colourful ceremony that took place in Brent Wood, Los Angeles, California, on 8th October 1966.

The wedding was very private, and only close family and friends were present to witness this beautiful ceremony.

Image of Dale Russell with her husband Eric Braeden
Caption: Dale Russell with her husband Eric Braeden

Four years later, they welcomed their son, Christian Gudegast, on the 9th of February 1970. Seems Christian took after his parents and their love for TV. He is a well-known American Writer, Director and Producer famous for his exceptional works in Man Apart (2003), London has Fallen (2016) and Den of Thieves (2018). He also lives in Los Angeles, California with his family.

Image of Dale Russell husband Eric with son Christian Gudegast
Caption: Dale Russell husband Eric with son Christian Gudegast

Her Husband’s  Movies & TV Series

Like his wife, Eric Braeden also has his name on the TV screens and the Film Industry. Having castes in a lot of movies and also Tv series, Combat, Titanic, The Forbidden Project, The Ambulance, The Planet of The Apes, The Man Who Came Back, 100 Rifles, and so on. Further, he has appeared as a guest star in many TV series such as Discotheque Affair, Twelve O’clock High, Day of Reckoning, The Rat Patrol, Code Name: Diamond Head, Blue Light among many others

Dale Russell Gudegast Husband Awards & Nominations.

With all these shows and series to his name, the font goes unrecognized. During his acting career, he has several awards and nominations for himself. He was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for his lead role in the timeless ‘Young and the Restless’ in the year 1998, earlier he had won the People’s Choice Awards in 1992 for the same role in the same TV Series.

Image of Dale husband Eric awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for his lead role in the timeless ‘Young and the Restless
Caption: Dale husband Eric awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for his lead role in the timeless ‘Young and the Restless

Dale Russell Gudegast Salary.

At the moment, this information has been hidden from the public, and nowhere mentioned it. We’ll keep you posted in case they will update it on the relevant sites. But in America, the salary of an actress is estimated to be over $37,000, so you can maybe do the math.

Dale Russell Gudegast Net Worth.

In her acting career, Russell Gudegast has an estimated net worth of $100,000, while the husband, who happens to be wealthier, has an estimated net worth of about $25M with a salary of $100 per hour.

Well, with such a performance on the screens, you can’t expect anything short of this.

Image of Actress, Dale Russell net worth
Caption: Actress, Dale Russell net worth

Dale Russell Gudegast House

Sitting on a 5,674 square feet is their mansion which they acquired in 2010 at $4.5M, with six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Image of Dale Russell house
Caption: Dale Russell house

Dale Russell Gudegast Facts and Body Measurements

Full Name: Dale Russell Gudegast
Age:  82 years old
Date of Birth: 17th November 1941
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children:  Christian Gudegast(Son)



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