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Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia Shackles Age, Wiki ,and children.

Image of Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia Shackles Age, Wiki and children.

Tavia Shackles is famously known for being Clark Hunt’s wife. The former beauty queen has crowned Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas USA back in the ’90s. Apart from being the mother of three and a loving wife, she is also the Director of the Women’s Organization of the Chiefs.

She is even a mentor to the Cheerleaders on the team. The celebrity wife is truly a beauty queen; she still looks like she hasn’t aged a bit and is flawless as ever. We are going to talk about Clark Hunt’s in detail; her early life, career, net worth, and children.

Clark Hunt’s Wife Tavia Shackles is Miss Kansas Winner.

The Chief’s Director went to Lee Summit High School, the place where she grew up. After high school, she attended the University of Missouri, where she graduated with a degree in Politics.

Being as beautiful as she was, it was evident that she was going to enter beauty pageants. Tavia Hunt won Miss Kansas back in 1993. Later on, she took part in the Miss World.

However, she did not receive the crown, though she was the second runner up, which is still considered a win.

Image of Former Beauty Pageant, Tavia Hunt
Caption: Former Beauty Pageant, Tavia Hunt

Married as Clark Hunt’s Wife.

Clark and his wife have been in a fantastic relationship for a long time now. Their love for each other is as strong as ever.

In one of her past interviews, Tavia Shackles mentioned that she met Clark while she was working as an intern for the chiefs. It was a dream job, as the Chiefs were her favourite team.

Image of Tavia Hunt with her husband Clark Hunt
Caption: Tavia Hunt with her husband Clark Hunt

They fell for each other and started dating shortly after. Finally, Hunt popped the question, and they tied the knot in 1993.

Since then, they have been inseparable. In 2023, they celebrated their 30 years of marriage. Currently, they have three children together. There have been no public scandals on their marriage or family.


The couple has three children together; Gracie, Knobel, and Ava Hunt.

First-born: Daughter Gracie Hunt.

Gracie Hunt is the firstborn. She was born 0n 29th March 1999, which currently makes her 24 years old. The young and beautiful teen, like her mother, followed the Pageant life.

In 2017, she participated in the Miss Texas Teen USA and got to be the fourth runner-up. Never giving up hope, Gracie went on to join the Miss Texas International Pageant.

She finally won the crown; like mother like daughter. Apart from the Pageant World, Gracie is also a blogger.

Image of Tavia with her daughter Gracie Hunt
Caption: Tavia with her daughter Gracie Hunt

She enjoys writing and sharing posts on her website, livinggracefullyme. In the NFL, Gracie is also a spokesmodel in women’s apparel.

We could say that is where her primary source of income comes from. The beautiful spokesmodel is currently single and is said to have a net worth of $3 million.

This is just amazing, having a successful life at a very young age. Her Instagram is @Graciehunt, and she has a total of 68k followers. Most of her posts are of her beautiful self. We also know that she is a dog lover.

Second-Born: Son Knobel Hunt.

Knobel Hunt is the second born to Tavia and Clark and is also their only son. It is rumored that he might inherit his father’s businesses when he grows older.

There isn’t any information on his birth year or date, but taking a look at his social media, we could say he is about 21 years old.

Knobel plays football, and it looks like he’s taking after his father, for they are both interested in it. He posts pictures of himself on the field on his Instagram @knobelhunt.

Image of Tavia second son Knobel Hunt with father Clark
Caption: Tavia second son Knobel Hunt with father Clark

Third-Born Daughter Ava Hunt.

Ava Hunt is the last born daughter. She is known to be a dancer and a gymnast. Like her brother, Ava does not have many details.

However, in a particular post, Gracie Pray Keiffer wished her a happy birthday on 29th March. Ava looks like she is about 17 years old. Being the daughter of Tavia Hunt, there was no way Ava was going to be left out of the Pageant world.

She participated in the Miss Pre Teen International. She is quite a private person for her Instagram account is private.

Image of Tavia third daughter Ava Hunt
Caption: Tavia third daughter Ava Hunt

A look at Tavia Hunt’s social media.

The former Missouri based beauty pageant is very popular on Instagram. He has a fan following of 22.9K on her account. A glance at it reveals that she very religious, and also a chief’s fan. We additionally learn that she does community volunteering and takes her kids to soccer matches during the weekend.

Her page is also family-oriented, as she has posted several pictures with her family. They even took a hike to see a waterfall on one trip before the COVID-19 pandemic put everyone in quarantine. Like everyone else, Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia is self-isolating with her family.

Lastly, just from several posts, she has made, it is clear that she is a Chiefs fan! The 52-year old Lee Summit Business Executive also has a twitter handle, @TaviaHunt1, which has a following of 4101.

Wiki bio, and facts.

Full nameTavia Michelle Shackles Hunt
Age52 years old
Date of Birth1st August 1971
Place of BirthLee Summit, Missouri, United States
ProfessionFormer Beauty Pageant, Executive
Net worth$1.3 million
HusbandClark Knobel Hunt
Zodiac SignLeo
ParentsDavid Shackles, Ramona Shackles

Clark Hunt’s wife Tavia Michelle Shackles Hunt was born on 1st August 1971, making her 52 years. This might be hard to tell because Mrs. Hunt is rocking her age.

She was born to David and Ramona Shackles. Tavia is currently married to a billionaire, Clark Hunt. The Hunt family lives in Highland Park.

It must be a fantastic mansion in the suburbs. Tavia has inspired a lot of women, especially her two beautiful daughters, to go after their dreams.

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