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Cindy Smith [Songwriter] Bio of Billy Ray Cyrus ex-wife.

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Originally posted on April 20, 2020 @ 10:39 am

Members of the Cyrus family have been known to make headlines for both good and bad reasons. From new album releases, secret marriages, and countless divorces that seemingly may have found their way into their newest progeny.

So what went wrong? Let’s go back to the first marriage – down to Billy Ray Cyrus’ ex-wife, Cindy Smith (songwriter). Here’s everything you need to know Cindy Smith’s Biography.

Cindy Smith Songwriter Marriage and Reasons for Divorce.

Billy Ray Cyrus hasn’t made the best decisions when it comes to marriage and parenting. Over the years, he fathered a son named Christopher Cody in 1992 with a waitress named Kristin Luckey.

Barely eight months later, he fathered a daughter named Destiny Hope – now Miley Cyrus, with another woman named Leticia Finley.

So what drove him to such lengths? Sources point out that it was a classic story of heartbreak. See, a few years before all this, Billy Ray Cyrus met and fell in love with a woman named Cindy Smith in 1985. As a young musician, Billy was part of a band called Sly Dog. However, the group had never achieved any propriety level of success – until Cindy happened.

Image of Caption: Christopher Cody

Caption: Christopher Cody

After a year of dating, Bill and Cindy Smith moved things further along into a wedding in 1986. However, their marriage only lasted four years, with sources pointing out that they had been separated long before their divorce in 1991.

Back in 1990, Bill lived in his neighbour’s car while trying to secure a recording contract in Los Angeles. This also followed their separation with Cindy Smith that forced him to face a lot of hardship in life. Most sources point out that the reasons for the divorce were Ray’s newfound fame.

Cindy Smith’s career as a songwriter.

Billy Ray Cyrus may have delivered some of the 90’s greatest country hit song, but he is not a lyrical genius. Some credit goes out to his ex-wife, Cindy Smith for contributing to his 1992 album.

She co-wrote some of his greatest hits, such as Wher’m I Gonna Live and Some Gave All. Aside from those two hits, she also wrote. How Ya Been and L’Air De Quoi, which were performed by Billy Ray.

Cindy Smith, Biography. Where is she now?

The talented songwriter was born as Cindy L. nee Smith in America. However, most details about her life, including date and place of birth, age, family, and education, are scanty. Following her marriage to Billy, she became C. Cyrus, who delivered her a short burst into fame. However, after her divorce, she resorted back to living a private life, never to be heard of again.

Social Media Activities.

Most people associate Billy Ray Cyrus’s ex-wife with another country gospel singer also named Cindy Smith. However, the two are entirely different people. One is a Facebook fanatic who won the GCGMA songwriter of the year in 2011 while Cindy has no known face on social media.

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