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Cat Cora Spouse: Nicole Ehrlich (Current Wife) and Jennifer Cora (Former)

Catherine Ann Cora is a 56-year-old Mississippi author and chef. She is one of the most bankable faces on the food network. This comes after over a decade of hosting programs such as America’s Best Cook.

Cora is also a restaurateur who operates several businesses across the country. Furthermore, Cat later ventured into the world of design, where she focused on men and women’s apparel.

Most people don’t know that the popular chef has been married three times so far. Learn more about Cat Cora’s Spouse.

Who is Cat Cora?

Cat Cora is famous for being a star on Iron Chef America. The show follows several renowned culinary experts as they strive to win the title of ‘Iron Chef.’

Its concept was originally borrowed from a Japanese daytime cooking show. After thirteen successful seasons, the show is in its 250th episode. The show first premiered back on January 16th, 2005 and has gone on to feature the likes of Mario Batali, Rick Bayless, Ming Tsai, and Robert Trevino.

Cat’s impressive career in the culinary arts culminated in the chef opening some restaurants. These include franchises like the Cat Cora Que, Ocean by Cat, and Cat Cora Kitchen Gourmet Market.

Her skills are even available on the Play Store, where fans can download a kitchen aid app she helped set up. Cat also worked with design powerhouse MOZO to release a collection of women’s shoes.

The chef later ventured into print media, where she published a cookbook titled, ‘Cat Cora’s Classic with a Twist.’

Image of Caption: American Chef, Cat Cora
Caption: American Chef, Cat Cora

Growing up, she was influenced by legendary French cuisine expert, Julia Child. After a stint at the University of Mississippi, she went on to officially enroll in culinary school.

Cat Cora is Gay.

It is no secret that the famous chef, Cat Cora, is gay. She has been married two times already. This were two different women. She knew she was gay right from a relatively young age. Growing up in the South, it was not easy to come out as openly gay.

This was because of the deeply religious nature of the place. As such, a lot of residents believed that it was unacceptable at the time. In an old interview on Larry King’s blog, Cat Cora talked about her struggles with growing up as a gay teen.

She had a hard time in school as it is with relentless childhood bullies who even threatened to beat her up and kill her at some time. As such, the 52-year-old chef was reluctant to come out of the closet in fear that it would have made things worse. She did not openly admit to being gay until she was much older and out of high school.

Cat Cora’s First Marriage with wife Jennifer.

Catherine Ann Cora met her first wife Jennifer back in Lake Tahoe. At the time, both of them were on a skiing trip at the Sierra Nevada Mountain lodge.  The chef was there for a birthday weekend, whereas Jennifer was working as a nanny for a prominent family. The attraction between the two was instant, and they stayed in touch long after the trip.

Cat Cora’s first Jennifer had to travel to Europe with the family she was working for at the time. After the trip, she relocated to Santa Barbara, California, and the two started dating. The public was well aware of their budding romance. They attended several high profile events together. These include the Trevor Project’s Annual Event, the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards, and CNN All-Star’ Heroes Tribune.

Jennifer was a constant source of support as Cat was building her empire. The two did not get married until 2013, back in June. This came after gay marriage was finally legalized in the state. Jennifer and Cat have four children together.

They did this through IVF. Jennifer carried their first three children, who were all sons. These were Thatcher, Zoran, and Caje Cora. Cat carried their fourth son, Nash Cora. Zoran is 15 years old. The second oldest son, Caje, is eight. Both Thatcher and Nash are 10 years old.

Image of Caption: Cat Cora with Jennifer along with their kids Zora, Nash, Caje and Thatcher Cora
Caption: Cat Cora with Jennifer along with their kids Zora, Nash, Caje and Thatcher Cora

Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora’s divorce.

Two years after tying the knot officially, Jennifer and Cat decided to call it quits after a 17-year relationship. This came after Jennifer filed for divorce. Cat, later on, claimed that she went behind her back, signalling just how much their relationship had soured.

Cat also claimed that her ex-wife was trying to turn her children against her. Jennifer wanted sole custody of all of their children, but the judge granted them joint custody.

After their divorce, Cat had to pay child support to her ex-wife. This came under the condition that Jennifer had to look for a job as well.

The first cracks in their marriage were spotted when Cat was arrested for a DUI a year prior to their divorce. This came after she rear-ended another vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Jennifer Cora’s biography.

Not much is known about Cat Cora’s first wife, Jennifer. She is a complete mystery. In regards to her age, we estimate her to be in her 50s as of 2023.

Cat Cora is now married to Nicole Ehrlich.

The celebrity chef’s Cat Cora’s current wife is a woman named Nicole Ehrlich. Jennifer and her wife met online back in 2016, more specifically, on a dating app called Raya. This is a platform that is mostly frequented by celebrities. Nicole messaged first, and the two started chatting regularly for the next four weeks.

Image of Caption: Cat Cora is currently married with Nicole Ehrlich
Caption: Cat Cora is currently married to Nicole Ehrlich

When they finally did meet, the connection was instant, and they went on to start dating. Two years on, and they decided to make it officially. It was Nicole who would get down on one knee and pop the all-important question. They were wed on April 21st, 2018, in Santa Barbara on their friend’s property.

Cat Cora Wife Nicole Ehrlich’s Wiki biography.

Cat Cora’s wife is not only a woman’s right activist but also a television producer. Nicole currently works as the senior vice president of Creative and Celebrity Relations. This is a company that caters to the stars.

Her work in entertainment has seen her collect several prestigious accolades. These include an MTV Award, Grammy, and even an Emmy. Nicole came into this world on May 28th, 1975, and is currently 48 years old at the point of writing.

Image of Caption: TV producer, Nicole Ehrlich
Caption: TV producer, Nicole Ehrlich                                                                                      

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