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Cash Warren [Jessica Alba Husband] Wiki, Parents, Net Worth.

Originally posted on January 19, 2020 @ 8:19 am

Cash Warren has been Jessica Alba’s husband for 15 years now, and they are living a happy married life without any differences. Jessica Alba also runs busy handling her acting career alongside the family business and children.

She runs very busy in her life, but her husband, Cash Warren, supports her throughout her journey.

There is a lot to know about Cash Warren, but before that, you must know about the journey of Jessica Alba before she met Cash Warren. Jessica Alba is most popularly known for her action-packed movies Sin City and Fantastic Four.

Soon after that, she also stars her talent in the comedy genre in the TV show Dark Angel. Moving forward to Cash Warren, he was born in the year 1979 in California and is today a film producer in America. He was born to Michael Warren and Sue Narramore.

Who is Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren?

Cash Warren is a famous film producer working in America and has earned a great name in the film market. Cash Warren completed his schooling from the Crossroads School in California. From the sources, Cash Warren was a classmate of Kate Hudson. Not only that, but he was also friends with Baron Davis, the famous basketball player.

Talking about the achievements of Cash Warren, he was the co-producer of the famous movie “In the Blood” in the year 2014 and “Made in America” in the year 2008. These were the two big hits for Cash Warren that gave his career uplift. Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, has proved himself as the most romantic husband ever as recently he has been seen several times taking Jessica out for a romantic dinner.

Image of Caption: Film Producer, Cash Warren

Caption: Film Producer, Cash Warren

Cash Warren wanted to be a basketball player in his career due to his interest in basketball games in schooling days. He used to play and love basketball back then. During his school days, he used to play basketball with NBA star Baron Davis, and they are still in touch with one another.

During his schooling days, Cash had to face a lot of bullying scenarios due to his face acne condition. He continued his studies and chose Political Science as his stream at Yale University that has nothing to do with his career choice in today’s date.

Moving ahead with his life, Cash Warren became one of the top producers of the Hollywood industry. He carried forward his name and profession and walked up the stairs of success before he met Jessica Alba. Follow this article till the end to know more about the story of Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren.

What is Cash Warren Net Worth? What does he do for a living?

Cash Warren is a successful film producer and television producer in America. He is working for a long time now and has earned an excellent reputation in the Hollywood industry. He is also most popularly known as Jessica Alba Husband which is a big title in itself.

The net worth of Cash Warren in his entire lifetime is $50 million, as recorded in 2023. Jessica Alba, on another part, has a net worth of $200 Million in 2023 as she holds 20% share of the company Honest which is worth $1.6 Billion. Some of the famous productions of Cash Warren are Made in America and In the Blood.

Cash Warren was born in the year 1979 to father, Michael Warren who is a renowned actor known for the starring role in the popular series Hill Street Blue. Michael Warren has four kids from two marriages. Cash grew up being a part of the family business, but soon, he stepped out of the cocoon to earn his name.

According to the practical sources, Cash Warren started his career as an assistant in the Hollywood film industry and then became a producer.

He has over eight producer credits in some of the famous television series. He was the executive producer in Keswanis: A Most Modern Family and Meet the Keswanis. For counting more of its TV series history, he was an executive producer for 30, Being Terry Kennedy, Independent Lens, and others.

Cash Warren Age, Birthdate

Cash Warren, Jessica Alba Husband, was born on January 10 in the year of 1979. The renowned American Film producer is 44 years as of today. Since then, he has worked in many projects that include famous movies Fantastic Four, Taxi, and others.

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren’s love life.

Jessica Alba Husband Cash Warren is a famous personality today. He met the gorgeous Jessica Alba in the year 2004 during the filming of Fantastic Four.

It was a memorable year for both individuals, who got to see and understand each other on higher terms. They both fell in love, and the relationship continued till 2007, when they decided to exchange the engagement rings.

It all happened in the year 2007, and later in the following year, they got married on May 19, 2008.

Image of Caption: Cash Warren with his wife Jessica Alba

Caption: Cash Warren with his wife, Jessica Alba

Later in the year 2009, Cash Warren went into the headlines for a rumor of having an extramarital affair with Lindsay Lohan. Jessica Alba stood by her husband and denied the rumors of her husband having an affair.

The love life for the sweet couple was a joyous ride. Soon after they met, they believed that Fantastic Four was not just a movie but something more than that for their life, and it brought a lot of happiness with it.

Jessica says that the movie Fantastic Four was a hit memory, but it is also memorable for introducing her to Cash Warren. Cash Warren was the production assistant for the film, and they started dating from then. It is a very impactful statement that shows the ever-lasting bond of a sensational couple of Hollywood.

They Try to Keep it Low Profile.

Cash Warren, Jessica Alba Husband, always prefers to keep their love and romance life private to give each other the space they need. They both agree to it, and people believe that this is the reason for which they have such an impactful relationship that sets an example for all the love birds.

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba give sweet posts on social media on their celebrations on special occasions. Cash Warren, Jessica Alba Husband, went up to the social media to wish Jessica on International Women’s Day. It was a sweet gesture of love and appreciation.

He also adds a quote that tells a woman needs no one to grow and excel in life. Similarly, Jessica took the opportunity on the 40th birthday of Cash Warren, expressing how good a husband a father he is.

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren have 3 Kids.

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba welcomed a baby girl in the same year 2008, and they got paid $1.5 million for posting their daughter’s picture on Ok! Magazine.

They became parents of a beautiful daughter in the year 2009 naming her Honor. They again gave the good news to the media of another daughter named Haven in June 2011.

Image of Caption: Cash Warren with his wife Jessica Alba along with their kids

Caption: Cash Warren with his wife Jessica Alba along with their kids

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren added another member to their family in the year 2017, and this time, a baby boy named Hayes. Jessica says that it is very difficult for the couple to find time to spend amidst the busy schedule of both. But they understand each other enough to keep their relationship strong.

Moreover, even the kids understand enough to understand the work pressure on their parents. Jessica also adds to her statement that they have that romance alive in the relationship that helps it go strong year after year.

Cash Warren parents.

Cash Warren is the son of Sue Narramore and Michael Warren. His father was a well-known actor back in the day. Perhaps his crowning moment came with the advent of NBC’s Hill Street Blues. Michael was also a good basketball player back in the day.

Image of Caption: Cash Warren with her mother Sue Narramore and sister Kekoa Jones

Caption: Cash Warren with her mother Sue Narramore and sister Kekoa Jones

Cash Warren’s mother Sue, on the other hand, was a stay at home mother who took care of the children. Besides Cash, the two had three other children. These are Grayson, Koa and Makayla Warren. LINKPLACER88 Cash’s parents come from different races. His father is African American whereas his mother is a Caucasian woman.

Cash Warren Wiki, Ethnicity and other facts.

Cash Warren is bi-racial in his ethnicity. His father, Michael Warren, has an ethnicity of African-Americans, whereas his mother was white American. Cash Warren states that bi-racial is never an issue for him. Some of the facts about Cash Warren are:

Image of Caption: Cash Warren with his father Michael Warren

Caption: Cash Warren with his father Michael Warren

  • Cash Warren graduated in the year 2001 in the stream of Political Science.
  • Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are happy parents of three children, two daughters, and a baby boy.
  • Cash Warren started his career as being the co-owner and the president of Verso Entertainment. He is also a co-founder of Apoko Company that helps the celebrities engage with their fans in a better way using social media.

Jessica Alba Husband’s latest activities on Social Media.

Cash Warren, Jessica Alba Husband, prefers uploading his life activities over Instagram very frequently. The last post was of his son Hayes playing around. He captioned the image, saying that he feels good about the year 2020. Another recent post of Cash Warren on Instagram is with the school soccer team of Haven, his daughter.


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Feeling pretty good about 2020

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These are a few of the inside details about the life of Cash Warren and Jessica Alba.

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