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Bryiana Noelle Flores [Rob Dyrdek Wife] Age, Wiki, Biography, and Facts.

Originally posted on December 23, 2019 @ 2:15 pm

Bryiana Noelle Flores is a famous American model and entrepreneur who grabbed huge attention for becoming the Playmate of the Year for Playboy Magazine back in September 2013. She, however, is best known as Rob Dyrdek’s wife.

Bryiana Noelle Flores Age.

Bryiana Dyrdek, whose birth name is Bryiana Noelle Flores, was born on 21st July 1991. She is 32 years old, as of 2023. She was born in Salinas, California, in the United States of America.

Bryiana is of American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity: Chinese, Filipino, Irish, Spanish, Scottish, and Native American descent.

Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Married Life As Rob Dyrdek’s Wife

Everyone familiar with Bryiana Noelle Flores is definitely familiar with the fact that she is a married woman.

After getting engaged in a surprise engagement at Disneyland in April 2015, Bryiana Dyrdek and Rob took their relationship to the next level. Rob could not stop himself from posting pictures from their wedding, confirming the ceremony on Instagram.

As of now, it has been around four years since the lovely pair exchanged their wedding vows and enjoyed a blissful marital life. There are no headlines of the duo’s separation or rough patches in their paradise.

Image of Bryiana Noelle Flores with her husband Rob Dyrdek

Bryiana Noelle Flores with her husband, Rob Dyrdek

Bryiana Dyrdek Noelle Flores And Rob Dyrdek’s Engagement

To be more precise, Bryiana and her husband, Rob Dyrdek, first met in 2013. After dating for a few years, Rob popped the question to marry him in April 2015. He took her then-girlfriend, now wife Bryiana Noelle Flores, to Disneyland, where he proposed to her.

During the Aladdin show, Rob was excused for going to the bathroom. He then returned riding in a show elephant prop and asked the Genie character for three wishes.

Rob mentions joining the show as his first wish and wishes his partner to join him on the stage as the second wish. Talking about the third wish, Rob wished to tie the knot with Bryiana. In an emotional moment, Bryiana accepted the proposal.

Sharing the special moment of engagement on Instagram, Rob wrote:

You are the love of my life and my true destiny. The day I met you, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you. What our relationship has actually become is a million times better than I knew even possible.

Story Of How Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana Noelle Flores Met.

Bryiana Dyrdek and Rob did not mention how they met or how they started talking, but it was Rob who initiated it. Rob eventually fell in love at first sight with her Playboy Magazine appearance.

Speaking with Busted Coverage, Bryiana Noelle Flores revealed that Rob was the first-ever celebrity to follow her right after the Playboy Magazine coverage. It won’t be wrong to claim that they met through Twitter. On the other side, in 2014, Rob claimed her to be his Woman Crush.

During their first date, Rob planned on flying to Bakersfield with her to rescue puppies. Rob made an extravagant move, and it worked out well.

Rob planned on recreating the pair’s first date during their third wedding anniversary. He posted pictures on his Instagram where Bryiana was sitting next to him in a helicopter.

Image of Rob and Bryiana on a first date that included a helicopter ride

Rob and Bryiana on a first date that included a helicopter ride

Bryiana Noelle Flores And Rob Dyrdek’s Children

The beautiful duo has two children together. A year after tying the knot, Bryiana gave birth to the pair’s first child, son Kodah Dash Dyrdek, on 9 September 2016. Rob could not stop himself from posting the pictures of his son on his Instagram.

Image of Bryiana Noelle Flores son Kodah Dash Dyrdek

Bryiana Noelle Flores son Kodah Dash Dyrdek

On the other side, Bryiana also updated her fans about her pregnancy. Bryiana broke out the pregnancy news most romantically and uniquely possible. She requested her husband to plan for an at-home date, where she ordered Chinese food.

Bryiana Noelle Flores then gave her some gifts with the clues of pregnancy. At first, Rob had no idea what was going on and just thought the date was a casual one. For a while, he even did not notice the “Welcome Baby” balloon.

At last, Bryiana Dyrdek gave him a positive pregnancy test, which, as per her, was taken in that morning. Rob jumped out of joy and prayed to have a daughter, which came true.

Rob Dyrdek and his wife, Bryiana Noelle Flores, welcomed their second child, daughter Nala Ryan Dyrdek, on 29 December 2017.

Bryiana Dyrdek and Rob often upload photos of their kids on their respective Instagram, mentioning how blessed they are to have them in their lives.

Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Net Worth

For your information, besides becoming Rob Dyrdek’s wife, she is a supermodel, beauty pageant coach, and entrepreneur. Bryiana, who is the president of the Iconic Beauty Initiative, has collected a higher figure of net worth.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Bryiana Noelle Flores’ net worth is around $3 million.  She earns an annual salary of $250 thousand per annum from her business ventures and modelling career. Rob Dyrdek’s Wife, Bryiana Noelle Flores, also makes a hefty amount of money from endorsements and commercial deals.

Regarding her husband, Rob Dyrdek’s net worth in 2023, his worth is around $100 million. For appearing in Rob and Big, his salary per episode was $60 thousand. Likewise, he made $100 thousand for Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Discussing Bryiana’s husband, Rob’s earnings in 2009, he alone made $75 000, 000 from sales, sponsorships, and endorsements.

In 2012, Rob purchased the Hollywood Hills’ pad for the worth of $2.5 million. In the same year, he also sold his LA house for $2.6 million. He sold his Hollywood Hills’ home for $1, 175, 000 in the following year.

There is no doubt that the millionaire couple enjoys a lavish lifestyle living in an extravagant mansion and driving expensive cars.

Bryiana Dyrdek Flores Is A Photographer.

Many people might know Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana as a supermodel and entrepreneur, but how many of you know that she is a photographer, too? In a blog posted in Iconic Wine Beauties that she launched alongside her two best friends, Meraiah and Nora, she opened up about her photography career.

Image of Model, Bryiana Noelle Flores

Model, Bryiana Noelle Flores

Bryiana attended the photography workshop in Miami hosted by Joey Wright. She always thought of giving it a try and finally made a move in 2018. She bought Joey’s FStoppers tutorial in April 2016 and immediately bought her camera, lenses, and random gear.

In the workshop, Bryiana Noelle Flores and Nora began photo-shooting four different models (Hannah Sluss, Alli Martinez, and Bonnie Mueller) in the sunset.

Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Podcast.

In her blog, Iconic Wine Beauties, Bryiana mentioned about The Neu Era Podcast, which is the second podcast she has done ever. Her first podcast was with one poof her Original Iconic Beauties, Selene Vidya, on her PermissionLESS podcast.

While Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Noelle Flores was driving back to Los Angeles from her friend Kyndra’s candle and wine party in Los Banos, she stopped to meet her fellow small-town iconic beauty, Maria, which had recently launched her new podcast with no experience.

In the end of the podcast, Bryiana discussed why she stopped to come with her and express how proud she was of her.

Bryiana Dyrdek Noelle Flores Loves Reading Books.

For your information, Bryiana is a bookworm and loves to read books during her leisure time. In her blog, she mentioned her absolute top favorite books. She claimed that reading books have helped her to grow and be better for living the best life.

Napoleon Hill’s Thank and Grow Rich book has changed her life. She thinks that the book is also one of the reasons behind her marriage with Rob. The book is not only for those people who want to be rich in the financial matter but also to learn the ways of becoming wealthy on the term of love, life, and happiness.

Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Noelle Flores’ absolute second favorite book is Price Pritchett’s You² + The Quantum Leap Strategy. The book is for those people who want to take quantum leaps and tired of taking baby steps.

Her other favorite book is Peta Kelly’s Earth Is Hiring. One of her mentors gifted her book and eventually fell in love with the concept and ideas of the book. The book is relevant to her lifestyle.

The book lover highly recommends the married couple to read Willard F. Harley Jr.’s His Needs, Her Needs. Speaking up about the book, Bryiana spoke on how she never wanted to get married and have kids.

As Bryiana Noelle Flores saw marriage failures and the couples continually fighting, she was afraid to tie the knot. Rob’s friend introduced the book to them.

Bryiana Dyrdek’s other favorite books along with its authors are given below:

Book TitleAuthor
His Needs, Her NeedsWillard F. Harley
His Needs, Her Needs for Parents: Keeping Romance AliveWillard F. Harley
Secrets of the Millionaire MindT. Harv Eker
You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living …Jen Sincero
You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of WealthJen Sincero


The Compound EffectDarren Hardy
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentEckhart Tolle
The Power of BrokeDaniel Paisner and Daymond John
The Go-GiverBob Burg
The Magic of Thinking BigDavid J. Schwartz
Crush It!Gary Vaynerchuk
The Seven Habits of Highly Successful PeopleStephen Covey
The ABC’s of SuccessBob Proctor
It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon SuccessMary Spio
Go Pro: 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing ProfessionalEric Worre

In her blog, she even mentioned the books that were highly recommended by others which include As A Man Thinketh, The One Thing, Money Master the Game: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom, Get Your Shit Together, Winning With People, Awaken the Giant Within, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, The Purpose Driven Life, and others.

Bryiana Noelle Flores Loves Network Marketing.

When you get to know Bryiana Dyrdek in depth, her talents go far beyond only modelling, entrepreneurship, and photography. She is absolutely in love with network marketing. In her blog, she has mentioned why she is in love with network marketing.

Rob Dyrdek’s wife, Bryiana Noelle Flores, thinks that network marketing is basically personal development with compensation plans. As per her, it is a kind of business that is related to helping people to earn an extra income.

Discussing more network marketing, Bryiana mentions that network marketing does not mean signing up to get paid but to get paid to learn how to run a business. During her journey, she has met incredible people, and she feels more at home in network marketing.

Bryiana, in her post, also left some recommendations for the people who are trying for business. She recommends finding the right people to hire and to have a good link with the professionals.

Bryiana also spoke up about mental illness and how network marketing is the best business for someone like her.

Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Road Trips.

The 32 years old supermodel chose her road trip with her two children while speaking up about her road trips. In the blog, Bryiana mentioned that her grandmother Julie is her favourite human being in the world, who is full of positive, supportive, loving, caring, and nurturing people in the world.

Bryiana Noelle Flores grew up in Central California, where her parents still live. As they are old and are not comfortable travelling, she took her two babies to meet them. The couple stopped at Casa de Fruta, where their son Kodah got a chance to play for a little and even saw peacocks for the very first time.

Her husband, Rob, bought some Casa de Fruta wine, which they popped out during an episode of Why We Wine Wednesday, briefing much about its reviews. The 5.5-hour-long trip was worth one as Bryiana got a chance to meet the two absolute humans in the world.

In her blog, she even mentioned travelling to New Orleans. She also expressed her excitement at the cabin party.

Bryiana Noelle Flores On “Mom Top 3 Mom Hacks”

If you follow and read Bryiana’s blog, you will get a chance to know everything about her. Being a mother of two toddlers is not an easy job. Out of many top mom hacks, she has mentioned three top mom hacks on her blog.

Bryiana’s all-time and favourite mom hack is Amber necklace, which can be seen in most of her Instagram posts featuring her son, Kodah. His son has worn the necklace since he was only three months old. The amber necklace was actually a gift from the family member who purchased at the small boutique in Los Angeles.

Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Dyrdek Noelle Flores claims herself to be of the bad immune system; thus uses guard essential oils. Fortunately, one of her Girl Gang Wine Club is an essential oil distributor; she has been a happy customer since then. She never forgets to put essential oil in the humidifier, and everything gets perfect like a cold or runny nose problem.

Bryiana’s third life hack is the long sleeve plastic bib worn by her children. She ties the plastic bib in back every time her children haunt for food. She can’t remember how many clothes they have saved from being completely destroyed or stained.

While talking about top mom hacks, Bryiana did not forget to mention wine as the necessary hack just like others. She feels grateful to be a part of the wine club, which ships four bottles to her front door every month.

Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Noelle Flores

She was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease when she was young. Her health condition required a bone marrow transplant. However, she did not go for surgery instead of continued medication to recover. When she was ill, Make-A-Wish Foundation granted her a wish to go to Hawaii to swim with dolphins.

Bryiana Noelle Flores spends her childhood days in Los Banos, California, and currently resides in Beverly Hills. She attended the local school. It did not take her much time to shift her interest in fashion and beauty, eventually participating in beauty pageants.

The ultimate dreamer currently serves as the President of the Iconic Beauty. She describes herself as a passionate, benevolent, and ambitious. Likewise, the mega introvert is also a perfect wife, mother, boss, mentor, model, wine lover, undiscovered Disney princess, and best friend.

Bryiana, who is fantastic at planning and dreaming, claims herself to be really good at being a wife and a mother. Her hobbies are dating her husband and spending quality time with her children. Likewise, her other hobbies include drinking wine and throwing little parties.

Do you know Bryiana’s strange hobby is stalking strangers on social media?

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bryiana Noelle Flores

  1. Bryiana is a Disney princess. She promised Walk Disney that she would keep it a secret; thus, she did not tell anyone. So, she is an undiscovered Disney princess.
  2. As a perfect wife, Bryiana has never taken off her wedding ring. The only time she took her engagement ring was to fix the diamonds. She also takes them off when she needs to clean or shower. Bryiana thinks that her ring presents a promise that she made to her husband and proudly wears it.
  3. Every time Bryiana goes out of time for professional reasons or any other reasons, she sleeps in her husband’s shirt.
  4. Bryiana Noelle Flores is claustrophobic. She thought that she was about to die when going through the tiny tunnels in Israel.
  5. During the delivery of the first child, Bryiana was already 8cm dilated when she was rushed to the hospital.
  6. Rob Dyrdek’s wife Bryiana Dyrdek describes herself as an introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging (an INFJ).
  7. Bryiana Noelle Flores loves taking personality tests like color personality, Myers-Briggs, Disney princess, four tendencies, Kardashian sister, and many others.
  8. As a child, Bryiana never had a cavity. One should not forget that she loves going to the dentist.
  9. The supermodel has never dyed her hair, which is very rare in the current context for someone in a modeling career.
  10. Bryiana first met her husband, Rob, via Twitter and went all down to DM’s. The rest is history!

Bryiana Noelle Flores’ Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Bryiana Noelle Flores has a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs around 55 kg. She has a pear-shaped body built that measures 32-25-33 inches.

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