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Brandon Blackstock [Kelly Clarkson Ex-Husband] Children, Wiki, and Facts

Image of Brandon Blackstock [Kelly Clarkson Husband] Children, Wiki, and Facts

Originally posted on February 9, 2020 @ 11:51 pm

Brandon Blackstock is Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, and there is a great love story that reflects their strong bond and love for one another. Kelly Clarkson is currently on her stairs of success, being the host of the famous television show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on the channel NBC.

Brandon Blackstock is not just her husband, but also her manager, and their duo explains the definition of a happy couple. They met for the first time back in the year 2006 during Kelly’s rehearsal for American Country Music Awards. Before Brandon took up the duty of being Kelly’s manager, Brandon’s dad was taking up that responsibility for Kelly.

Kelly gave a clear verdict of making him her life partner in the year 2013. Kelly was impressed with Brandon back then in 2006, but the emotions and feelings were buried deep in her heart as Brandon was married then to Melissa Ashworth, currently his ex-wife.

Meet Brandon Blackstock Children from His Ex-Wife.

Brandon Blackstock has two children from his ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth. The names of the children are Savannah Blackstock, who was born in the year 2001, and Seth Blackstock, who was born in the year 2007.

After their journey ended and their paths diverged, Kelly Clarkson came into the life of Brandon. Brandon Blackstock’s children with Melissa Ashworth, Savannah, were 12 years old, and Seth was six years old by the time Kelly and Brandon rang the wedding bells.

Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson Children.

Kelly got pregnant in December in the year 2013. Her pregnancy news came up roughly as she stated to the doctors that she was vomiting 12 times a day.

After a thorough check-up, the good news came, and after a few months River Rose Blackstock came as a blessed daughter to the lovely couple on June 12, 2014. She is super cute and will grow up to be a beautiful star, just like her mother.

Image of Caption: Brandon Blackstock with his wife kelly and children Savannah, Remington Alexander, River Rose, Seth

Caption: Brandon Blackstock with his wife Kelly and children Savannah, Remington Alexander, River Rose, Seth

Kelly Clarkson and Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock were soon ready to welcome another baby in the year 2015. Kelly announced her pregnancy news during a live concert in the month of August 2015.

The sources say that Kelly was not ready for disclosing the news at all, but the emotions win over every decision. She explains that she is prepared for having another child and is happy. During her announcement, she apologizes to her husband, Brandon, for announcing the news without any planning of disclosing it there.

Kelly was then on medications and pills that made her sick during her second pregnancy. Soon after few months Kelly and Brandon welcomed a baby boy to the family on April 12, 2016. They named him Remington Alexander Blackstock. The lover birds decided his nickname as Remy. The adorable kid is growing to be a stunning kid to walk on the path of his father and do even greater things in life.

Kelly Clarkson is also a stepmother to Brandon’s two kids with Melissa, and she believes that their family consists of four kids, and she loves every one of them equally.

Brandon Blackstock Mom.

Brandon Blackstock is the son of Narvel Blackstock and Elisa Gayle Ritter. They both are now divorced, but they were a happy couple back then, starting from the day they first met. Elisa Gayle Ritter fell madly in love with Narvel, and they decided to ring the wedding bells on March 30, 1973.

Image of Caption: Brandon Blackstock parents Narvel Blackstock (father) and Elisa Gayle Ritter (mother)

Caption: Brandon Blackstock parents Narvel Blackstock (father) and Elisa Gayle Ritter (mother)

They had three children: Shawna Rene Blackstock, who was born in 1973; and Chassidy Celeste Blackstock, who was born in 1978; And Brandon Blackstock, who was born on December 16, 1976. After incorporating differences in the relationship, they both decided to have a divorce in the year 1988.

They are still on good terms and are now grandparents of the four children of Brandon Blackstock. Brandon Blackstock’s mom, Elisa Gayle Ritter is an American-television director as a professional. Narvel supported her career and got her maximum attention for professional stability.

What is Brandon Blackstock Net Worth, and what’s his job?

Kelly Clarkson’s husband Brandon Blackstock is a talent manager in the profession and holds a net worth of humongous figure. Currently, he is the manager of his wife, Kelly Clarkson for her show The Kelly Clarkson show commenced in 2019.

Not only that, but he also worked for Starstruck Entertainment as the CEO of the company. Brandon’s parents were the founder of Starstruck Entertainment. The entire net worth of Kelly Clarkson’s husband totals up to $5 million in his career as a talent manager.

Image of Caption: Talent manager, Brandon Blackstock

Caption: Talent manager, Brandon Blackstock

Considering Kelly Clarkson, her net worth is of over $45million and is currently working for a salary of $14 million. Her profession is of a writer and a professional singer. She went famous back in 2002 after winning an American idol.

Kelly Clarkson and Husband Brandon Blackstock Love Story.

As stated above in the introduction, Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson came in touch in the year 2006 during the award show rehearsals. Kelly could not bring up the conversation of her liking towards Brandon as he was married to Melissa in those days.

The love birds did not interact with one another for the next six years but then met at the Super-Bowl, 2012. Kelly was performing the national anthem of America, and Brandon showed up as the manager of Blake Shelton in the event.

Image of Caption: Brandon Blackstock with his wife Kelly Clarkson

Caption: Brandon Blackstock with his wife, Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson went crazy to hear the news of the ended marriage of Brandon and decided to approach. In the Ellen show, Kelly cleared the rumors of her engagement in the year 2012, and she shares her emotions and love towards Brandon.

She said that she is waiting to get married to Brandon, but she is giving him time to convince his children, and then they can decide on a date to tie the knots. Later on the month of December 2012, Kelly Clarkson went up to twitter to announce her engagement with Brandon Blackstock. She expressed her happiness and emotions towards the best thing that happened to her life.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock tied the knots the following year in October 2013.

According to the sources, there was a great hassle in making the wedding plans, but they soon came to a mutual decision. She brings the news to twitter by saying that she is now a member of the Blackstock family.

Brandon stays a little away from social media but posted a valentine’s post in the year 2015 with one of the most beautiful marriage pictures. Kelly is now stepping mom of Brandon’s two children with Melissa from his last marriage and is mother to her babies River Rose and Remington Alexander. The love birds give surprises to one another very often.

In April 2019, Kelly Clarkson’s husband Brandon Blackstock surprised her when she was performing live. Kelly broke into tears seeing him with the guitar. She paused, singing there, and then introduced him to the crowd. From all the gossips going on around for the couple, it states that Brandon and Kelly together are a happy couple and are a cute family of 6 people.

Brandon Blackstock was initially married to First Wife, Melissa Ashworth.

Melissa Ashworth, Ex-wife of Kelly Clarkson Husband, was married to Brandon from the year 2001 to 2012. During their love companionship, they were proud parents of Seth and Savannah. They two were immensely in love with another before they decided to quit.

The relationship brought in differences that were difficult for either of them to handle. The relationship came to an end, but the bond is still strong as Melissa says that she loves the relationship between Brandon and Kelly Clarkson and also loves her kids.

Melissa Ashworth and Brandon Blackstock called off their relationship on May 31, 2012. Soon after that, Brandon and Melissa both decided to choose a different path in life. Brandon Blackstock is now Kelly Clarkson Husband, and Melissa Ashworth is the happy wife of Chris White and got married in the year 2014.

Image of Caption: Brandon first wife Melissa Ashworth

Caption: Brandon first wife, Melissa Ashworth

Brandon Blackstock First Wife, Melissa Ashworth Biography.

Melissa Ashworth is now known as Melissa J. White after her marriage to Chris White in the year 2014. She is ex-wife to Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson’s husband, and was named Melissa J. Blackstock.

Melissa Ashworth was born in the year 1974 on July 29. She is mother to the step kids of Kelly Clarkson, Seth Blackstock, and Savannah Blackstock. She is an American citizen and is 45 years old now and is a secretary by profession.

Brandon Blackstock Wiki, Age, Facts.

Brandon Blackstock is today popularly as Kelly Clarkson’s husband. He is born to Narvel Blackstock (Father) and Elisa Gayle Ritter (Mother). Brandon is currently 46 years old and has two sisters and a half-brother. The sisters’ names are Shawna Blackstock and Chassidy Blackstock. The half-brother Shelby Blackstock is a car race driver.

According to the sources, Brandon Blackstock was earlier a pilot followed by which he chose talent manager as his profession and started with being the manager of Blake Shelton. Brandon has a net worth of over $5 million.

These are a few of the updated information and stats on Kelly Clarkson Husband, Brandon Blackstock, and his cute love story with famous singer and American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

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