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Ashley Thompson Wiki Biography: Unknown facts about Peyton Manning’s wife.

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Image of Ashley Thompson Biography and Every Unknown facts about Peyton Manning's wife.

Originally posted on December 8, 2019 @ 2:06 pm

Originally posted on December 8, 2019 @ 2:06 pm

Ashley Thompson is an American businesswoman, famous for being the wife of famous former footballer Peyton Manning. She is the owner of the ‘Payback foundation,’ a foundation set to provide growth and business opportunities for the youth.

Apart from that, she is a thriving realtor who owns a real estate development company. Get to know about Ashley Thompson’s biography and every unknown fact about Peyton Manning’s wife.

Ashley Thompson’s Wiki Biography.

Ashley Thompson (Peyton Manning’s wife) was born in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee. Her father, Bill Thompson, is a banker and realtor. On the other side, her mother, Marsha Thompson, was a homemaker. She grew up together with her three siblings: Allison, Will, and Leigh.

During school days, Ashley was always at the top of her class. Not only that, she actively took part in extracurricular activities. She used to be involved in both cultural events and fundraising campaigns organized by her school.

In junior school, Ashley Thompson took part in a charity program known as ‘Service over self.’ Service Over Self was a weekly program that was aimed at renovating and repairing homes located in Memphis.

Image of Peyton Manning's wife Ashley Thompson

Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Thompson

Due to frequent involvement in charity events, she became part of the ‘Ascensus society.’ Also, she became a member of the Girl Scout cookie program, where she received several awards.

Afterwards, Ashley went to the University of Virginia to study finance and marketing. From there, she kicked off her career in real estate development. Initially, she built three homes in Tennessee. Her real estate company is doing well. Currently, Ashley is working in Indianapolis on a residential real estate development plan.

Looking at her love life, Ashley Thompson is married to Peyton Manning, as mentioned earlier. The duo met through Ashley’s neighbour when they were in college and got married on March 17, 2001. Ten years into the marriage, they were blessed with twins on March 31, 2011. They named the twins Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson.

Unknown facts about Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Thompson.

As a couple, Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Thompson and Peyton Manning have taken part in several charity programs like ‘Peyback foundation,’ which provides leadership and growth opportunities for the youth.

Ashley has also organized several breast cancer awareness camps. She is also the co-owner of Memphis Grizzlies, a professional basketball team.

Image of Ashley Thompson with her husband Peyton Manning

Ashley Thompson with her husband, Peyton Manning

As Peyton Manning’s wife, Ashley Thompson has been the greatest motivation to her husband. When Peyton Manning had an injury for one year in 2011 and almost quit football, she pushed him to continue for a while.

He agreed to continue and even won the Super Bowl winners medal with the Denver Broncos in the 2015-16 season before he finally retired in 2016.

Just like most celebrities, rumours and controversies have been part of Ashley’s and Peyton’s life. Al Jazeera once reported that Peyton Manning and his wife, Ashley Thompson, were involved in the sale and use of illegal drugs.

The reports claimed that  Peyton Manning was under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs during his time with Indianapolis Colts. He, however, denied the claims, which did not bear enough proof.

That was seemingly not the end of proof less false allegations on their part. Not long after that, rumors started being spread that their marriage was on the verge of divorce. The two were, however, seen holding hands happily together in several events, proving that they were still in good terms.


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