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Ann Archambault Buck (Joe Buck’s Ex wife) wiki, Biography, Facts.

Image of Ann Archambault Buck (Joe Buck's Ex wife) wiki, Biography, Facts.

Originally posted on December 18, 2019 @ 1:31 pm

Ann Archambault Buck is the ex-wife of Joe Buck. Joe Buck is an Emmy award-winning sportscaster. He began a sports broadcasting career in 1989 on Fox sports.

Joe Buck has received many awards throughout his sports broadcasting career. The most notable ones are Emmy awards for a lead announcer for National Football League and Major League Baseball networks.

Joe also won the National sportscaster of the Year award three times. So far, Joe Buck has hosted a number of sports news shows like Goin’s deep for Fox sports and First Cotton Bowl Classic telecast.


After being married for almost 18 years, Ann Archambault Buck and Joe Buck decided to put a halt to their marriage. The reason why they parted ways after such a long time in marriage remains unknown to date.

They had known each other since middle school. Joe Buck’s ex-wife had two kids in the marriage: Natalie Buck and Trudy Buck.

Image of Ann Archambault Buck husband Joe Buck with their daughters Natalie Buck and Trudy Buck

Ann Archambault Buck husband Joe Buck with their daughters Natalie Buck and Trudy Buck

Their eldest child, Natalie Buck, is in the journalism industry, just like her dad. She studied Telecommunications Engineering at the Indiana University.

Her biggest role model is her stepmother, Michelle Beisner, who is an ESPN reporter. In 2015, she was an intern at KTV1. On the other hand, Trudy Buck is an art student.

Image of Ann Archambault Buck with her husband Joe Buck

Ann Archambault Buck with her husband, Joe Buck

Joe Buck is now married to Michelle Beisner since 2014. The duo met through Michelle’s colleague Rich Eisen at NFL. 46-year-old Michelle Beisner is now a mom to twin boys; Wyatt and Blake born in April 2018. From 1995 to 2002, Michelle Beisner was a cheerleader for Denver Broncos.

Just like her husband, Joe Buck, Michelle Beisner is an Emmy award winner. She worked for eight years at the NFL network before joining ESPN in 2014, where she works as a football reporter.

Joe Buck Ex-wife Ann Archambault Biography

Joe Buck’s ex-wife, Ann Archambault, was born on 30th November 1969. That said, she is now 53 years old. Since Ann Archambault prefers to stay low-key about her personal life, not so many details are known about her childhood or where she went to school.

Image of Ann Archambault Buck with her daughters

Details about her parents, place of birth, and siblings are not known. Joe Buck’s ex-wife is the senior product manager at Amazon in charge of User-centred product design, photography and digital imaging, and social computing and social media.

Looking at her love life, Ann Archambault Buck is currently married to Scott Kitchel since June 29, 2018. They have not had any kids together yet. The couple seems to be happy together since there are no rumors about any disagreements between them so far.

imag of Joe Buck ex wife Ann Archambault Buck.

They have not shared out their love story yet. How and when they met thus remains unclear. Not so many details are known about Scott Kitchel. Ann frequently posts happy photos of her and her husband on Instagram when they are on vacation.

Name.Ann Archambault Buck
ProfessionProduct designer.
Age 54 years
Spouse.Scott Kitchel.

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