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André Murillo: Wiki bio, age, and facts about Tori Kelly Husband.

Image of André Murillo: Wiki bio, age, and facts about Tori Kelly Husband.

Andre Murillo is Tori Kelly’s husband. Victoria Loren Kelly is a 30-year-old actress, producer, and musician. She is most commonly known by her stage name, ‘Tori Kelly.’ Her big break came back in 2010 when she earned a spot in the final four of the American Idols Contest.

Since then, Tori has gone on to release chart-topping albums such as Inspired By True Events. Tori Kelly is married to athlete Andre Murillo since 2018. His basketball career stretches back to when he was younger. Know all there is to know about Tori Kelly’s husband in this article.

Who is André Murillo?

André Murillo is a basketball player who applies his trade in Europe. His career can be traced all the way back to his time in high school. He attended El Toro High back in 2008. The German-born athlete went on to cement his name in the school’s history after two varsity seasons.

While playing basketball there, he picked up both the Sea View League and his team’s MVP award. Most people will be surprised to learn that in addition to playing basketball, Andre Murillo was also an American football sensation.

His athletic ability earned him a full ride to Concordia University, where he featured in the 2009 season. André Murillo then made a move to Biola College, where he joined the basketball team as a power forward.

Tori Kelly’s husband Andre’s stint at the university earned him perhaps his best stats to date. The last season at the school saw him average 15.5 points per game, as well as 9.1 rebounds. These impressive figures landed him in the NAIA All-American dream team.

Image of Basketball player, Andre Murillo
Caption: Basketball player, Andre Murillo

André Murillo signed his first pro basketball contract with Hamburg Towers. They are a professional team based in Germany. Presently, the team features in the Basketball Bundesliga.

However, at the time Tori Kelly’s husband André signed on, they were in the German Pro-A League. Being originally from Germany, it was easy for him to adapt to the environment, mainly because he had several family members in the city.

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• This week it was confirmed that my season is officially over. After an ankle sprain in practice, doctors discovered more damage that needs to be corrected for long term health and the ability to return to the court stronger than before. This has all come very unexpected, and it hasn't been the easiest thing to process right in the heart of a season. Nevertheless, I am sure this is the correct step and I'm thankful it was revealed before anything worse happened. Above all, I am comforted by the fact that God works all things for his glory, and for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). The King who rules it all has brought this to pass, and I know He is my good and trustworthy Father. While this will be a time of adjustment and transition, I see the value of being sidelined for some months, if for no other reason than to remember my identity is found in Christ alone – No sport, no achievement, no earthly delight can ever offer what He's already given me in himself. My greatest prayer is that, through this process, my boast will increase to be solely in the Cross of my dear Savior. He truly is all in all. I am so thankful for the countless moments of joy I've experienced this year (one of which is depicted here). Perhaps the biggest joy (and the thing I will miss the most) has been the journey together with my teammates. Above wins and losses, ups and downs, stats and numbers, it is the group of guys that I will remember for a long time to come. Like brothers, we didn't always get along, but the common goal always kept us "together" along the way, and closer for it in the end. They will continue to pursue the goal, and though my role will be different and I may not be there to battle with them, my heart will be with theirs all the same. Thankful to Rostock and the great fans for the time I got to be a part of this season! Lastly, I'd appreciate any and all prayers from whoever took the time to read this long essay 🙂 My surgery is happening tonight at 11pm Pacific time (8am in Germany). I believe that there is power in the name of Jesus and in the prayers of the Saints, and therefore I covet them all! Thank you in advance. #ps67adventures

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After a few seasons in Hamburg, Andre was traded to the Rostock Seawolves. Recently, the German-born athlete suffered an ankle sprain. It led to his team’s medical staff uncovering a significant injury.

They corrected the damage through surgery, and at the moment, Andre Murillo is recovering back home in America. No date has yet been set for when he will make his return.

André Murillo’s Controversy.

While he was still 19, Andre got involved in an incident that led to him getting stab. He suffered a collapsed lung that required surgery to mend. Months of bed rest forced the athlete to turn to drugs as a way of coping with both the mental and physical strain.

Unfortunately, this lost him the scholarship he was on at Concordia University. The German-born basketball player did not lose hope. Instead, he turned to religion, and this helped him beat his drug addiction. Dave Holmquist, who was the coach at Biola College, gave him the chance to play basketball again.

André Murillo’s Age, Date of Birth.

André Murillo was born on the 18th of May 1990 in Germany. It makes him 33 years old at the point of writing. Despite being in Germany, he is an American national. As far as his star sign is concerned, he is a Taurus.

André Murillo’s net worth.

Despite being a pro basketball player, there is no information available regarding Andre’s finances at the moment. His net worth is currently under review.

Athletes are some of the highest-paid individuals in the world, so we estimate Andre to be worth millions. His wife Tori, on the other hand, is valued at $5 million as of 2023.

She has racked up this wealth from a lucrative music career. Being Tori Kelly’s husband, André Murillo is entitled to a portion of his spouse’s wealth.

André Murillo is Tori Kelly’s Husband since 2018.

Sources say that André Murillo and Tori Kelly started dating sometime in December around 2016. They kept most details regarding their relationship private. Some fans did not even know they were dating until they announced their engagement on Tori Kelly’s Instagram page.

It came at a time when Andre was recovering from an ankle injury he sustained in the course of the season. They tied the knot a year later, more specifically on the 20th of May 2018.

The ceremony was held outdoors with several friends and family members in attendance. All through his injury, Tori proved to be a loving and supportive wife. Andre returned the favour whenever Tori was scheduled to go on any tours.

Tori says that her husband’s support was one of the main reasons why her Atlanta tour back in 2018 was successful. Presently, the couple has been married for two years.

They have no children just yet.

Image of Andre Murillo with his wife Tori Kelly
Caption: Andre Murillo with his wife, Tori Kelly

André Murillo Instagram and Social Media activities.

Tori Kelly’s husband, André Murillo, has quite a substantial following on Instagram. He has over 40,000 followers to date. His page also reveals that the man is very family-oriented as he has several pictures with different family members.

We additionally learn of the close relationship Andre and his wife share. They have gone on several trips together over the last few years. Most recently, they went to watch a Harry Potter play titled ‘The Cursed Child.’ It was something that the two wanted to get off their bucket list. We also learn that Andre is a dog lover. He has a puppy back home.

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@frodomurillobaggins is 1️⃣. ????????????

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André Murillo Wiki-bio.

Full nameAndré Murillo
Age33 years old.
Date of BirthMay 18th, 1990
Place of BirthHamburg, Germany
ProfessionBasketball Player
Net worthUnder review
PartnerTori Kelly
Zodiac SignTaurus
ParentsMichael and Vera Murillo

 Andre Murillo is the son of Vera and Michael Murillo. He grew up alongside a brother called Terrence.

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