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Alexis Roderick [Billy Joel’s wife] Wiki, Age: Every fact you didn’t know.

Image of Alexis Roderick [Billy Joel’s wife] Wiki, Bio: Every fact you didn’t know.

Alexis Roderick is Billy Joel’s wife. Billy Joel is a New York-born musician and composer who commonly goes by the nickname ‘piano man.’ With hits such as Don’t ask me why and Sometimes a Fantasy, he is recognized as one of the bestselling artists of all time.

The focus of today’s review, however, is Billy Joel’s wife, Alexis Roderick. She has worked across organizations such as Morgan Stanley in New York.

Get to know more about Billy Joel’s wife right here in this review, as we take an in-depth look at her bio. We will also list every fact you didn’t know about Alexis Roderick.

Who is Billy Joel’s current Wife, Alexis Roderick?

Alexis Roderick is an American equestrian. This means that she is a rider on horseback and usually performs on them. She is part of the Equestrian Federation in America, where she is relatively active. Her talent and experience have seen Billy Joel’s wife take part in numerous riding competitions, most of which she has won.

Alexis also owns a $ 3.5 million horse ranch, where she houses a collection of her horses.

She is also a former risk officer at Morgan Stanley, where she was one of the top executives. This is a worldwide investment bank that offers financial services and has branches all over the world.

The company has its headquarters in New York City. Alexis Roderick racked up well over eight years of experience working in the finance industry before finally deciding to try a hand at something different.

Image of American Equestrian, Alexis Roderick
American Equestrian, Alexis Roderick

However, it is her marriage to famous singer/songwriter William Martin Joel that thrust her into the limelight.

Every Fact You didn’t know about Alexis Roderick.

She is married to Billy Joel.

Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel met back in 2009. This chance encounter took place in Huntington, at a restaurant close to Alexis’ residence. At that time, Alexis was 29 years old, whereas Billy was more than double that in regards to age. Even so, they found that they had a lot in common and became quick friends. This would gradually grow into something more.

Image of Alexis Roderick with her husband Billy Joel
Alexis Roderick with her husband, Billy Joel

After dating for several years, they would officially tie the knot on July 4th, 2015, on a ranch that her husband owns. This was a property in the Long Islands, and it facilitated the quiet vibe the couple wanted for their wedding. To this end, only a few friends and family were in attendance.

The wedding was such a high-profile event that the then-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was in attendance. Sources even report that he even officiated the ceremony.

Alexis Roderick is 40 years younger than her husband.

At the time they met, Billy Joel’s wife was just shy of thirty, whereas the musician was in his sixties. Sources say that Alexis Roderick was born on 13 October 1982. She is 40 years old as of 2023.

The particulars regarding her exact date of birth presently remain a mystery. Her husband, on the other hand, Billy Joel, came into this world on the 9th of May 1949 in the Bronx.

This would make him 74 years old at the moment, whereas Billy Joel’s wife, Alexis Roderick, is 40 years old.

Alexis Roderick has two children with Billy Joel.

Billy Joel and his wife, Alexis Roderick’s wife have two children together. Their first child was Della Rosa, who came into this world on the 12th of August 2015. This would mean that the little girl just turned 8 years old.

Image of Alexis Roderick husband Billy and kids Della Rose and Remy Anne
Alexis Roderick husband Billy and kids Della Rose and Remy Anne

Her sister, Remi Anne, followed two years later. To be more specific, she was born on the 22nd of October 2017 in New York. Rosa is 6 years old at the moment.

Alexis Roderick Wiki Bio.

Full nameAlexis Roderick Joel
Age40 years old.
Date of Birth1980
Place of BirthUnited States of America
ProfessionEquestrian, former risk officer at Morgan Stanley.
Net worthUnder review.
HusbandWilliam Martin Joel
Zodiac SignN/A
ParentsUnder review.

Alexis Roderick was born in 1980. Sources say that she is 40 years old presently. Billy Joel’s wife is also a renowned equestrian who has competed in various competitions.  She is also a mother of two beautiful daughters.

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