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Abby McGrew (Eli Manning’s wife) Age, Net Worth: 7 Facts.

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Originally posted on May 2, 2020 @ 11:49 am

Abby McGrew is the wife of former QB player Eli Manning. In this article, we are going to talk about this remarkable woman, Abby.

We will get to know every detail about her, like her career info and early life. Apart from being a designer, she is also a humanitarian. Continue reading to know about Eli Manning’s wife, Abby McGrew’s net worth and age.

Abby and her husband have been involved with making various donations to charities. The couple also has a center in St. Vincent Hospital, Manhattan.

It is incredible how the couple donates funds, especially to causes like education, orphanages, and hospitals. Read along to find out more about Manning’s wife.

Who is Abby McGrew?

Abby McGrew is an American philanthropist who is married to a former NFL player. She has managed to gain fame by herself without being referred to as a QB’s wife.

Manning’s wife began her career when she moved to New York after graduating. She worked for Pamella Roland as an account executive.

Image of Philanthropist, Abby McGrew

Caption: Philanthropist, Abby McGrew

Pamella Roland is a famous designer. That must have been a significant opportunity for her. There is no further information about her career after that. However, we do know that she ended up being successful towards the end. We can assume that maybe she has a clothing line.

Borin in 1984, Abby is 39 Years Old.

Abby Mcgrew was born on 1st January 1984 to Tom Mcgrew. Details of her mother are unavailable. She was born in the town of Nashville, Tennessee, where she grew up with her two sisters, Lacy Mcgrew and Molly Mcgrew.

Abby McGrew’s early life and family.

Here are some details about Abby Mcgrew’s past life. She grew up in Nashville with her father and her two sisters, Lacy and Molly. Abby attended Brentwood Academy in prep school.

After finishing high school, she attended the University of Mississippi. Here is information you probably missed about the Nashville born philanthropist.

She was the Alpha in Kappa Delta. As beautiful and sophisticated as she is, of course, she had to be in a sorority.

After years of hard study, the designer graduated with a degree in family and consumer sciences. In 2005, she went to New York to pursue her dream of design.

Her marriage as Eli Manning’s Wife.

You must be eager to know more about the designer’s marriage life with the former QB. Abby and Eli met back when they both attended the University of Mississippi. To be specific, they met in 2002 at Ole Miss, which is a nickname for the University.

The two became close and started dating.

Image of Abby McGrew with her husband Eli Manning

Caption: Abby McGrew with her husband Eli Manning

Ally and Eli decided to tie the knot months after the QB won the Super Bowl. It must have made the win all the more special! The wedding took place in 2008 on April 19th. Guess where?

The couple went all the way to Mexico to officiate their wedding. Only they can tell you why they didn’t hold the ceremony in America! The private ceremony took place at the lavish Palmilla resort.

15 years on, Eli Manning and his wife Abby McGrew, are still living blissfully. There have been no reports of arguments or disagreements between them. They continue to be faithful to each other.

Abby McGrew’s Net worth and income sources.

The designer, Abby McGrew’s income is estimated to be about $1 million. Her primary source of revenue comes from her fashion business.

She has not disclosed how much she makes from her company. According to the salary data website, designers are said to earn $50k-80k annually. Since Abby is quite famous and sophisticated, we could say she makes much more than that.

Abby McGrew’s Houses.

Eli and Ally love to acquire real estate houses and then later sell them. In 2016, they purchased a home at the beachside in the Hamptons.

They must have sold it at a higher price than they bought it. Eli and wife Abby sold various homes they owned like; their house in the summit, which had a view of the New York skyline.

Image of Fashion Designer, Abby McGrew house

Caption: Fashion Designer, Abby McGrew house

Speaking of homes, currently, Eli, Abby, and their children live in their house in Summit, New Jersey. The former footballer purchased his house in Summit in 2014. He spent $4.7 million, and it was worth it. It is a property of 1.1 acres and has a couple of rooms and bathrooms.

Eli and wife Abby McGrew’s Children.

The couple were blessed with four children: Ava, Lucy, Caroline, and Charles. Ava was born on 21st March 2011. She is currently nine years old. The second born is Lucy Thomas, who was born in 2013, followed by Caroline Olivia, who was born in 2015 and Charles Elisha, who was born on 3rd February 2019. There is no information on Lucy and Caroline’s birthdates.

Image of Abby McGrew with her husband along with four kids

Caption: Abby McGrew with her husband along with four kids

The couple was happy when they finally had a boy, especially Eli. He used to be the only man in the house. At least Eli would have someone to play football with a few years from now.

Abby McGrew’s Social Media.

It was surprising to learn that Abby McGrew does not have much of a social media presence. Why are we surprised? Because her husband, Eli Manning, is one of the most famous athletes in America! But maybe she just likes her privacy. After all, we are all entitled to it.

Abby McGrew Wiki-bio.

Full name Abby Mcgrew Manning
Age 39 years old
Date of Birth 1st January 1984
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Profession Philanthropist, Fashion Designer
Net worth $1 million
Husband Eli Manning
Kids 4
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Tom Mcgrew (father)

Manning’s wife is considered an amazing and sophisticated woman. Together with her husband, she has managed to participate in several charities. Unfortunately, she is not on social media. Her priority now is her four children and her husband.

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